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Astrology for the week starting on Monday April 13 2020

Trump April 12 lunar returnThis week there aren’t any dramatic astrological events.  So it is probably going to be more of the same.  There are, nonetheless, going to be some loud voices – Mercury, the planet of communication, is moving into Aries.  Many of us are going to have a lot to shout about, but we have to ask ourselves whether it is useful to be angry.  Matters aren’t helped by a stressful aspect between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn, which is exact on Wednesday April 15.  This creates excessive and exaggerated behaviour.

While many people will be influenced by the Sun-Jupiter aspect, it may have a big effect on Donald Trump.  The aspect is in the 26th degree of Cardinal signs, and Trump’s Venus is in the 26th degree of Venus.  We may not see the full picture, but behind closed door the President might go emotionally over the top, and his relationship with women could be tempestuous.  It would also be interesting to know what was going on with his finances.  If I was advising him, I would tell him not to over-react.

The chart above is the lunar return of Donald Trump, for April 12 2020.  As Donald Trump is the US President, then it could be argued that it is also the lunar return of the United States.  The lunar return is in many respects quite good.  The Moon is in the Tenth House, making a trine to the Sun in Aries.  It is therefore an opportunity for Trump to appear presidential.  Perhaps there will be a feeling that America is out of the woods, and that things can only get better.  But I suppose in every good horror film there are moments of relief, where everything seems fine.

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