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Astrology for the week starting March 30 2020: the Mars-Saturn conjunction

Sambourne death - smallpox vaccination concernsThe week starting on March 30 2020 is dominated by a conjunction between Mars and Saturn, which is exact on Tuesday March 31 2020.  It is difficult to say anything about this conjunction which isn’t obvious.  Mars and Saturn are the lesser and greater malefics, and traditionally they are associated with death.  So obviously more people are going to die.  Though from a Vedic perspective, the conjunction started when Mars moved into sidereal Capricorn, on March 22.  The meant, using the sidereal Zodiac, that both planets are in the same sign, a situation which continues until May 4, when Mars moves into sidereal Aquarius.  It may therefore be the case that we’re moving into “peak death”, and it won’t be until after May 4 that things will start to improve.

There is nonetheless something interesting about the Mars-Saturn conjunction, even if its message is drowned out by everything else going on in the world.  It is in the first degree of Aquarius – the same degree as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that takes place on December 21 2020.  Events this week, particularly relating to death and disease, may not be immediately obvious.  But they have a long-term significance, as we might see at the end of the year.

At the end of the week Venus moves into Gemini, where it makes a trine aspect to Saturn.  Many of us are going to feel a great need to expand our social horizons, but Saturn will set clear limits on what we can do.  But through a disciplined and perhaps  online approach, we can concentrate our social life.  Getting rid of people who don’t matter, and strengthening the few friendships that we want to hang on to.

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  • Pavani March 30, 2020, 5:38 pm

    Grateful for your observation, which deserves my further reflection, that the Mars-Saturn conjunction occurs in the same degree as the future “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn.

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