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March 2020 Spring Equinox: London magicians need to get up early

Dr. FaustusThe Spring Equinox on Friday March 20 2020 is at 3.50 am GMT.  It is the moment when, from the Earth’s perspective, the Sun crosses the celestial equator, moving from South to North.  The hours of day and night are equal, and in the Northern Hemisphere it is the beginning of Spring.  From an occult perspective, the Spring Equinox is important.  It is a moment in time when a gateway opens, between the Earth down here and the Cosmos that’s all around us.

Now I do understand that people who are into spirituality and the occult like to celebrate the Equinox.  They might have a party on March 20, or perhaps some kind of ritual.  However, if you really want to engage with the power of the Universe, that’s not good enough.  You have to be there at the moment.  Which is 3.50 am London time – not five minutes earlier, or five minutes later.  That is the climax of the ritual, when whatever energy you are trying to invoke will manifest itself.  Mark that moment how you please, provided it’s safe, legal and ethical.

This means that if you’re in London you either don’t go to bed, or you get up early.  A good ritual has to be prepared, and you have to be awake.  I mean really awake.  Though to an extent that depends on what kind of ritual you are planning.  If you’re doing something new-agey, with music and flowers and perhaps affirmations, then you can probably do what you like.  If, on the other hand, you’re doing something scary, Aleister Crowley style, then you must be prepared to battle the Equinox demons, as they try to rush the magic circle.

If you’re not in the UK, then it is not so bad.  The Equinox is at 11.50 pm on March 19 in New York, 6.50 am on March 20 in Moscow.

So what kind of energies are going to pass through the gateway?  To work this out, we look at the astrological chart of the exact moment.  This is what it looks like set for London:

Spring Equinox 2020, London

When you look at this kind of chart, you need to distinguish between the planets and the angles.  The planets will be in the same place worldwide , but the angles are going to be restricted to certain locations.  In this chart, we see an exact conjunction between Mars and Jupiter, at 23 degrees Capricorn.  Everyone in the world will experience this.  Yet we also see Mars and Jupiter, and Pluto, conjunct the Ascendant.  This is specific to the location.  We can see this in terms of a map:


The Mars-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction crosses South East England, including London.  This would suggest that over the next three months, between now and the Summer Solistice, the UK, its government and its Prime Minister are going to be under enormous pressure.

But wherever you live, you are not going to escape the energies that pour through the open cosmic gateway at 3.50 a.m. GMT on March 20.  One particular energy that will come tumbling out of this gateway will be the Mars-Jupiter conjunction.  It will be nasty, almost demonic, and violence levels are likely to be elevated.  Aside from the UK, other areas that might be specially affected are Norway, California and Eastern Iran.

This means that you might want to think twice before conducting serious ritual magic at the time of the Equinox.  You could be bringing into your sphere more than you can handle, and all the banishing rituals in the world might not fend off what you have brought down.  Particularly if you’re an early rising magician in London.

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