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What makes Donald Trump a Gemini?

Donald TrumpCritics of astrology will tell you that astrology doesn’t work, that you can make any label fit.  So let’s pretend that we don’t know that Trump is a Gemini.  Let’s imagine that I tell you he is an Aries.  That’s fine, he acts first, thinks later.  Or he’s a Taurus.  He has grudges, like the worst of Taureans, and he is obsessed about money.  What about Gemini, his real sign?  He talks and tweets too much.  Cancer?  Like Taureans, they’re unforgiving and they have grudges.  Trump can definitely be a Leo, because he has such a high opinion of himself.  Alternatively he could be Virgo – by his own admission, he is a “germophobe”.  While Trump is not your typical Libra, he knows about the art of the deal, and that can be something of a balancing act.  Scorpio could fit.  He is unforgiving, like Cancerians, and he has a powerful sense of purpose, which has propelled him to the White House.  Alternatively Trump could be a Sagittarian, with his off the cuff and often tactless remarks.  Trump might not be modest, but he could be a Capricorn, building his businesses with scant regard for the feelings of other people.  Or an Aquarius – he does things his own way, and he isn’t held back by convention.  Or even a Pisces, with his ability to mold himself to fit the aspirations of a particular section of the American electorate.

Having said all that, if I had tried to guess what Trump’s star sign was, without knowing his birth date, I would have narrowed it down to three signs, Aries, Gemini and Leo.  Anything else would be implausible, or at least would have jarred with my gut feelings as an astrologer.

The question then remains, about the things that make Trump uniquely a Gemini.

Gemini is an Air sign.  This means that the emphasis is on the head rather than the heart.  Or thinking rather than feeling.  At this stage there might be some protest, Donald Trump not being famous as a great thinker.  So we have to decide which type of Gemini Donald Trump is.  One type of Gemini is the real thinker, and one might think of an ultimate intellectual, such as French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre.  Or the well-read, highly intelligent John F Kennedy.  We can perhaps call such Geminis “evolved”, though I rather dislike the term.  Then there is the other kind of Gemini, the “unevolved”, who is obsessed about trivia.  They make brilliant C-list celebrities, and they can chatter away about anything, without knowing what they are chattering about.  This sort of Gemini skims the surface, and refuses to stay in one place for long enough to develop any in-depth knowledge.  However both types of Geminis have active brains.  The cogs are always spinning, and sometimes the focus of attention can get transfixed on one subject, with negative consequences.

Donald Trump is clearly the second type of Gemini.  Although he has lots of books published, he apparently doesn’t read much.  And he does seem to be a sucker for trivia, for example during the Miss Universe incident.  In 2016 it got out that Donald Trump had called a Miss Universe contestant Miss Piggy, a fact that was brought up by Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate.  The key point about the incident, from a Gemini perspective, is that Donald couldn’t let go.  Immediately follow the debate, in the middle of the night, Trump was tweeting about it.  For example, “Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?”

This tells us a couple of things.  When the Gemini mind is riled up, it finds it difficult to sleep.  We also see the obsession with trivia – what normal presidential candidate would be interested in sex tapes and Miss Universe?  Of course I understand that Trump had a commercial interest in a the Miss Universe competition.  But fundamentally, Trump the Gemini couldn’t let go.  He was worrying about the issue, and he thought he could resolve the problem by tweeting about it.

The situation may have been similar with the Comey issue.  Trump was worried whether he was under investigation because of his alleged links to Russia, and he couldn’t help himself from asking the former head of the FBI whether he was indeed being investigated.  Comey told him he wasn’t under investigation, but that wasn’t going to stop Gemini from worrying.

Another feature of Gemini, whether evolved or unevolved, is their tendency towards schizoid behaviour.  By schizoid, I am referring to the withdrawal of emotion from the outside world.  Other people are not part of my world.  They can be seen as objects, and Trump’s remarks about women are a prime example of Gemini objectification.  However every sign is capable of objectifying, so one perhaps needs to be more specific.  Trump’s insults during the election campaign would suggest that he was seeing his targets as mere objects, and wasn’t considering the human dimension.  So when the Muslim parents of a US soldier killed in Iraq are critical of Trump, he attacks back, without any emotional subtlety.  From Trump the Gemini’s perspective, other people’s feelings are not his concern, and if he wants to say or tweet something, that’s his business.

One thing that has been said about Trump is that he finds it difficult to stay on one subject for too long – he gets bored, and moves on.  This is classic, unevolved Gemini.  He says one thing one moment, another thing the next.  Of course Trump has a positive spin on this.  He claims that he moves too fast for his communications department to keep up, which is again typical Gemini, because they have an excuse for everything.

Another feature of Geminis is that they often have the gift of the gab.  They talk a lot, and they can wrap people up in the sheer volume of their sales-talk.  His business enterprises sounded good, such as his casinos and his Trump University, but the sales-talk masked a lack of substance.  Fortunately Geminis are fast-moving, and on several occasions Trump has used bankruptcy laws to get himself out of a tight spot.

I have never attempted to guess Donald Trump’s star sign – at some stage I looked up his date of birth. Nonetheless I believe that I would have quickly narrowed down the possibilities to Aries, Gemini and Leo, and that if I had thought hard enough about the matter, I would have had a good chance of correctly identifying his real star sign.  However I concede that this might all be post hoc justification, and that with some verbal gymnastics, all of the twelve signs could have been made to fit.

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