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The astrology and psychology of pregnancy

Die HoffnungAstrologers are often asked about childbirth and pregnancy.  It’s obvious really, because it’s an area of extreme uncertainty, where there can also be massive pressure.  Biological clocks are ticking, and in some cases people’s families are watching and waiting, and asking urgent questions if there’s no immediate pregnancy.

Matters are made worse by the media.  I look at tabloid newspapers on the internet, and they are full of stories about pregnant celebrities, sporting their ‘baby bumps’.  What kind of message is this giving?  Perhaps that being able to conceive is normal, and that if there are any delays one should be worried.

From an astrological point of view, there are detailed rules for dealing with pregnancy.  And some astrological signatures are seen as being more fertile than others.  For example, a Moon-Venus conjunction in Taurus is considered very promising, an indication that getting pregnant should be easy.

There is also the astrology of questions, where a chart is set up for the exact time a question is asked.  For example:

‘Am I pregnant?’
‘Will I get pregnant in the next twelve months?’
‘Is it a boy or a girl?’

Seventeenth Century astrologer William Lilly, who practised in London, was once visited by a client, who asked him a simple question: ‘Will I ever have children?’

William Lilly looked at the horoscope of this question, and his answer was direct and to the point.  He told her that in the future she’ll never conceive and that she was naturally infertile.

I myself wouldn’t treat a client like this.  I  recognise that childbirth and pregnancy are subtle and finely balanced, and I personally believe that the psychological dimension plays a big role.

If someone is told that they’ll never have children, then the psychological impact of this prediction could be so shattering as to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.  On the other hand, if an astrologer is overly optimistic, and tells a client that she’ll soon have children, then big expectations could be created.  And as every astrologer should know, expectations can cause a lot of damage – they can prevent things happening, in the real world.

There are also medical issues to consider.  A woman who is having difficulty conceiving should not consult an astrologer, at least not to begin with – she should instead go to a physician, to make sure that everything is in order.  And so should her husband, or boyfriend.  In other words, messing around with astrology could potentially lead to delays in treatment.

It’s my overall opinion that people should avoid going to astrologers with specific questions about pregnancy and childbirth.  The astrologer’s input is unlikely to be constructive – even if they have the technical ability to predict whether their clients will successfully conceive.

We should also remember that pregnancies often happen when everyone’s calm and relaxed, when there aren’t any pressures or expectations.  And if a woman is consulting her astrologer every month, what chance does she have?

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