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The horoscope of Brexit

Brexit horoscope

Britain leaves the European Union on January 31 2020, at 11 pm GMT.  Above is the chart of Brexit, set for London.  We can safely say that an astrologer did not choose the timing of Brexit, at least on the British side.  It is not a great chart, and it suggests that Britain’s leaving of the EU is not going to be an easy process.  The Moon is in the Seven House, in the last degree of Aries, and this indicates that over the coming year Britain is not going to be in a strong position, and getting the better of its enemies will be hard work.

We also see that there is a Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the lower meridian.  In a way this a self-explanatory – it is a signature of divorce.  Alfred Witte is more specific, when he wrote of the Meridian on the Saturn-Pluto midpoint: “To develop slowly.  Hard to adapt oneself.  To separate oneself easily from something.  To be inclined for divorce”.  Reinhold Ebertin was a bit more positive about this midpoint: “The desire to rise from difficult circumstances through the application of tenacity and endurance…”.  This gives the picture.  It is a chart that relates to separation, and while the divorce itself might be easy, it is going to be hard work.

There is also an indication of a shock, something that no-one had thought of.  This is indicated by the Moon’s conjunct with Uranus.  We’re just not going to see the result we expect.  However, Brexit is a long-term project, and I don’t believe that this chart on its own will jinx it.  We just have to be ready for a difficult transition.

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