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Horoscopes for the week starting Monday January 27 2020

Ice planetNot a great week.  It will be difficult to relax, and there won’t be much scope for having fun.  I suppose part of the problem is last week’s New Moon.  It’s an unsettling influence, which sends a cold wind through our plans and aspirations.  Yet those of us who are ready to break off from the pack, and not be side-tracked by maudlin sentimentality, can quietly benefit.

There is nonetheless some interplay between Venus, Mars and Uranus.  Venus in Pisces makes a square aspect to Mars in Sagittarius, and Uranus makes 45-series aspects to both.  Put another way, Uranus is square the Venus-Mars midpoint.  This can be associated with sudden attractions – they arrive quickly, and leave just as fast.  So if you fall in love with someone this week, consider the possibility that it is just a phase.  And it works both ways – you may be flavour of the day or the week, not the month.

If you’re interested in your particular sign, here are my star sign forecasts for the week starting on Monday January 27 2019:

Aries It is time for the Rams to develop a new friendship.  It’s not about passion, but about shared interests.  You might also consider joining a political party.  Your love life has moments or excitement, but just because you’re attracted to someone doesn’t mean that you’re compatible with them.

Taurus You expect everything to go your way.  However Venus makes a stressful aspect to Mars, and gets buffeted by Uranus.  There are real complications, not helped by a difference of opinion.  Yet in your career you can start a new chapter – but to begin with keep quiet about it.

Gemini Looks are subjective, and however hard you try you can’t please everyone.  So if you’re interested in clothes, fashion or style you can’t please everyone.  Instead you have to choose your audience and refuse to apologize.  One dream launches a thousand possibilities.

Cancer You don’t want to check the small-print.  Maybe it’s out of laziness, maybe you’re afraid about what you might find out.  However the sooner you’re honest with yourself the better.  You can embark on a new financial journey, which in the long run can boost your security.

Leo It’s OK to be assertive, especially in your working environment.  By exercising your power you’ll gain new supporters, and you’ll also be able to break free from some of the restrictions from the past.  One particular relationship can move from one stage to the next.

Virgo When you want to be, you can be a bucket of cold water.  Squelching other people’s plans and aspirations, forcing cold reality onto the uninformed and the overoptimistic.  However, this week you need to back off.  Let other people express themselves.

Libra You can’t  be friends with everyone, and with Venus aspecting Mars there could be a clash of personalities.  But it’s a clash you can win, provided you are not tempted to be someone you’re not.  Elsewhere do something new – for the fun of it.  You never know where it might lead you.

Scorpio Mars, your rules, aspects Uranus. You’re not in full control, and you might be confounded by a surprise turn of events. It is easy to be stubborn, and to refuse to adjust your plans. However the current situation requires flexibility – particularly in terms of money.

Sagittarius You’re buzzing, in that sparkling, Sagittarian kind of way. But action can have unintended consequences, and if you give in to your impulses you could end up being a hostage to fortune. Family members are feeling delicate, and it is important that you don’t upset their finely tuned equilibrium.

Capricorn The average Capricorn is giving serous consideration to money.  However sensible you have been in the past, you know things could be better.  And there may be a way to boost your income, that requires an independent-minded approach.  But don’t take risks!

Aquarius As you birthday month unfolds, you become aware of the possibilities – but also the limitations.  There are some things you don’t want to do, and that’s fine.  Don’t ap0logize for being unfriendly – later on there’ll be time for warmth.  Friends cost money.

Pisces It could be a good week, provided you get your priorities right.  Mars is moving through the career house of your solar chart, where it is aspected by Venus in Pisces.  Be ambitious, and don’t be shy about your ambitions.  Just because people are rude doesn’t mean that they can’t be useful.

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