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The horoscope of Jeremy Corbyn: puer aeternus?

Jeremy Corbyn

Never trust a politician whose birth time is unavailable.  There is no accurate birth time for Hillary Clinton or Theresa May.  Then there is Jeremy Corbyn, who could be Britain’s next Prime Minister.  He is a hard left politician, who is a vociferous supporter of Palestine.  He also seems excited by revolutionary South American politics.

Jeremy Corbyn was born on May 26 1949, in Chippenham, England.  As we don’t know his birth time we’ll set it for noon.  We straight away notice that he has four planets in Gemini: the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus.  This is a huge concentration, and we can therefore use the sign Gemini to facilitate our understanding of his personality.  Here is his chart, by the way:

Jeremy Corbyn

However there are other things to consider.  Corbyn has a conjunction been the Moon and Mars in Taurus.  This suggests that he has a slow-burning anger, and the things that upset him don’t change from day to day, from decade to decade.  The struggle goes on, the oppressors remain the same.  In this light, the sign Taurus has a strong connection with Communism.  Karl Marx was born with the Sun and Moon in Taurus, and Lenin and Pol Pot were born under this sign.

Unfortunately for Corbyn, the Moon is not the Sun.  He reflects revolution rather than embodies it, and with all his Gemini, he lacks the single-minded intensity of Lenin and Marx. Gemini is a sign of ideas and talk, and with the Sun making an 120-degree aspect to Jupiter in the solar ninth house of travel, it’s easy for Corbyn to fantasize about far-off revolutions.  And being a Gemini, he can split the fantasy from the grinding realty.  Socialist ideology in Cuba and Venezuela, with its Spanish glamour, can be stripped away from the economic stagnation of the systems, and in the case of Venezuela, utter poverty.  The word-machine of Gemini can justify anything, can make the unacceptable seem half reasonable.  We also shouldn’t forget Palestine, where Corbyn’s Taurus Moon meets his Gemini Sun.  For him it’s an embedded cause, and the Moon-Mars conjunction will support it on many levels.  And if that means having meetings with terrorists, and laying wreaths on the graves of murders, then Taurus and Gemini can come together and argue that the ends justify the means.

On perhaps a more positive note, Jeremy Corbyn has Saturn in the last degree of Leo.  It is therefore conjunct Regulus, the star of kings and rulership.   This gives Corbyn a natural antipathy to rulers, empires, and elites – particularly those he has most experience of.  Naturally he has little time for the monarchy and any last vestiges of the British Empire.  This is further emphasized by the fact that Saturn is making a 60-degree aspect to Uranus, the planet of revolution.

Going back to the sign Gemini, in my experience Geminis don’t take kindly to getting old, and they often take their childishness to the grave.  From the perspective of Jungian psychology, the archetype connected with Gemini is the <em>puer aeternus</em>, the eternal boy.  Or its female equivalent, the <em>puella aeterna</em>.  We can perhaps see this with other Gemini populists, such as Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.  Their bodies are ageing, but their impulses are those of twenty-year olds.  Jeremy Corbyn continues as if he’s a 20-year old student, glamourizing the same old causes, with little sense of responsibility.  He gets the youth vote, but keeps his party out of power.

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