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Emmanuel Macron: another Sagittarian president

Emmanuel MacronI was talking to Melvin, my accountant.  Some of last year’s income  came from astrology, but more came from tutoring statistics.  I told him interest in astrology was on a permanent slide, and he sort of agreed with me.  Well, not quite.  He said that according to his observations of social media, there was some uptick, and people were still interested in their star signs.  But what they were not interested in was psychic stuff, which surprised me.  Communicating with spirits is surely more glamorous than looking up planetary positions on a computer.  Of course you might say that it’s a sign of how bad things are, that I am reduced to hanging onto Melvin’s half-hearted reassurances.  Still, he got me an $800 refund.  I was also relieved that I was an astrologer rather than a psychic.  If I was a psychic my forecasts would be driven by my subjective views, especially when dealing with someone like Emmanuel Macron.

For some reason I can’t stand him, and when I looked at his horoscope I wanted to find something dreadful.  Of course there was no hope of him losing the election – you don’t have to be an astrologer to know that – but the next best thing would be a disastrous presidency.  However I am not convinced that that particular scenario is going to come about, at least not to begin with.

Emmanuel Macron was born on December 21 1977.  This makes him a Sagittarius, just.  For a Frenchman, Sagittarius is probably a fortunate sign.  Former presidents Charles de Gaulle and Jacques Chirac both had this sign, and they both had lengthy periods in office.  Sagittarius is a sign that fits him in a number of ways.  He is a globalist, who believes that the European Union should have open borders, and he is also plain speaking, perhaps to the point of rudeness.  For example, on a recent visit to the UK, at the invitation of the British Prime Minister, he made an open pitch for business and institutions in the UK to move to France.  Surely he could have waited until he got back home?

What is really interesting about Macron is his elemental balance, in other words the signs the Sun, the Moon, and the traditional planets were in at the time of his birth.  I don’t look at Uranus, Neptune and Pluto when considering this balance.  He has the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Cancer, the Moon in Taurus and Saturn in Virgo.  So he has four planets in Fire signs, two planets in Earth signs, and one planet in a Water sign.  And no planets in Air signs.  This means he is incredibly fiery.  He knows rather than believes, and he doesn’t have to think things through.  This makes him utterly confident, with a one hundred percent conviction that he is right.  And the annoying thing is, he often is right – it’s as if he has his finger on the pulse of the cosmos.  This is all pushed on by his Moon in Taurus.  It’s stubborn and inflexible, and once he’s chosen a path he sticks to it. This makes Emmanuel Macron a steamroller.  He keeps moving, and nothing can stop him.  And while he can clear most obstacles, in the end there’s going to be one that he can’t shift – because he lacks the fundamental flexibility.

If we look at Macron’s horoscope from a Vedic perspective, there is a strong hint that he might be a 10-year president, if he so wishes.  At the end of July 2009 he started his Rahu dasa, which lasts until July 2027.  His Rahu is strong – in the main horoscope it is in Virgo, a sign where it is exalted, and in the Navamsa chart it is in Gemini, where it is also exalted.  In general I don’t think it is a good idea to bet again politicians who are already doing well within a particular dasa, especially when the dasa ends so close to the finishing-line of what could be his second term as president.

So what could go wrong?  Going back  to Macron’s Western chart, it’s very combative.  He has Mars in the Seventh House, square the Moon in Taurus in the Third House square Uranus in Scorpio in the Ninth House.  His time as president will be characterized by fights.  For example with vested interests in France who oppose his economic reforms, with the Germans who are using the Euro to benefit their industry and no-one else’s, and perhaps with the British over Brexit negotiations.  Yet it’s the enemies at home that matter most, and a lot of people are going to hate him.  There are also random terrorists and nutters to consider.

In this light, I think Macron needs to be careful, and his security detail need to take good care of him.  If we look at his solar return for December 2016 through to December 2017, set for his birth place of Amiens, we notice that Mars is exactly on the descendant.  This repeats the signature of his Mars in the Seventh in the natal chart, so already, before he has even become President, there is cause for concern.  Incidentally this repeated signature, of Mars in the seventh in the natal and the return, was shown by Bobby Kennedy, in the year of his assassination.  However I think the most dangerous year of his presidency will be 2021.  His hyleg, the giver of life, is the Sun in the Eleventh House.  Mars, by primary direction, makes  an opposition to the Sun this year, and this could make him very vulnerable.

Overall, Macron is a politician who will break rather than bend.  He knows what he wants, whether it’s his drama teacher, the Presidency or economic reform on his terms.  And assuming he stays safe, it will be changing circumstances that bring him down.  However provided he’s not assassinated, the next ten years look good for him.

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