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Jodi Arias, Cancerians, July 9

Jodi AriasTravis Alexander was a Leo.  He was also a Mormon.  He had a relationship with a Cancerian woman called Jodi Arias. She allegedly stabbed him 29 times, cut his throat and shot him in the head – and now she’s on trial for her life, in Arizona.

Jodi Arias isn’t denying that she killed someone.  According to one view, she was in an abusive relationship with Travis Alexander – he made extravagant sexual demands, and at the same time  he wasn’t prepared to commit to her.  An alternative view is that she was obsessed with him, to the point of being a stalker.  But whatever happened, the man ended up dead.

Travis Alexander, being a Mormon, probably believed in lots of things, for example that one of the tribes of Israel went to America centuries before the birth of Christ.  However I doubt that he believed in astrology, which is a shame, because if he’d understood how sensitive Cancerian women can be, he might still be alive.  They’re certainly not the kind of people to play games with, or to indulge in fantasy-ridden, on-off relationships with.  As William Congreve famously wrote:

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned…

Matters were made worse by the specifics of Jodi Arias’ horoscope, set for 1.52 a.m. on July 9 1980, in Salinas, California:

Jodi Arias horoscope She has a conjunction between Mars and Saturn, in Virgo.  These two planets are the ‘death pair’, and are often linked with frustration and repressed anger.  She also has Venus in Gemini making a square aspect to Saturn – relationships are going to be hard work, and emotions could get trapped and distorted.  Furthermore, her natal Saturn is making a 45 degree aspect to her Venus-Mars midpoint.

Reinhold Ebertin wrote of this combination:

Inhibitions in love-life, an inclination to adultery, an abnormal and pathological sex-expression.  – A separation in love.

On the day of the killing, June 4 2008, the planet Uranus was at 22 degrees 28 minutes Pisces – so it was exactly opposite Jodi Arias’ Saturn, which is at about 22 degrees 6 minutes Virgo.  It was also aspecting her Venus-Mars midpoint.  So Uranus, the planet of earthquakes and general instability, was triggering the Saturn-Venus-Mars configuration.  The dam burst, the frustrations and built-up anger came pouring out.

As for Travis Alexander, he was out his league.  Being a Leo he probably had a high opinion of himself, and at the same time I doubt that he was particularly sensitive – he had no traditional planets in the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  Furthermore, there were probably two images of femininity in his mind, represented by his Moon in Capricorn and his Venus conjunct Jupiter in Gemini.  This is the chart, set for 12.01 am on July 28 1977, at Riverside, California:

Travis Alexander's horoscope

The Moon in Capricorn was the nice, safe wife, who would smooth his way to career and social success.  Jodi Arias, the Venus in Gemini woman, didn’t fit into this picture, and she was someone dispensable, who could be dropped when circumstances demanded it. Still, she was exciting, and she stimulated his sense of adventure.  However Travis Alexander’s lack of sensitivity meant that he didn’t understand what he was dealing with, and through his misjudged behavior he unleashed a force that ultimately destroyed him.

As for Jodi Arias, it’s amazing how much hostility there is to her on the Internet, and the general assumption is, that she’s guilty as charged.  However even if she’s a killer it doesn’t mean she’s a murderer, and looking at the horoscopes involved it seems that at some level Travis Alexander must take a share of the blame.

Note: The timed charts included in this article were an edited addition.  At the time I wrote the original of this article the timed charts were not available to me.  A more recent article about Jodi Arias has been written here:


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