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Jupiter-Uranus semisquare – expansion of the war?

Explosive hazard signWe already have a European war. And right now, things are moving from bad to worse. Russia is determined to achieve its goals in the Donbas, and the United States and NATO are determined to stop Russia achieving these goals. Furthermore, Britain and the US are saying its OK for Ukraine to attack Russian soil, using their weaponry… and Russia is threatening a swift response. Things are spiralling out of control.

Let’s take a step back, to 1939, the year that the Second World War started. Jupiter started 1939 in Pisces, and then on May 11 went into Aries. And all the while Uranus was in Taurus. On June 5 and 6 1939 Jupiter and Uranus made an exact semisquare to each other – that’s a 45 degree aspect. Nothing much happened on these two days, and Jupiter continued its path through Aries. Then, on around July 30 1939, Jupiter went retrograde, back towards the semisquare with Uranus. The exact aspect happened again, on September 1 1939, the day Germany invaded Poland, and the beginning of the Second World War.

Now, in the Spring of 2022, Jupiter is again in Pisces and Uranus is again in Taurus. And the two planets are again moving towards a semisquare. The aspect is exact on May 11, at 9.52 pm London time. Furthermore, the aspect takes place exactly on the Aries point – Jupiter will be at 0 degree 10 minutes Aries, Uranus at 15 degrees 10 minutes Taurus. The Aries point is the world at large, and the Jupiter-Uranus aspect could be every bit as powerful as the one on September 1 1939.

I should say that traditionally Jupiter is considered a fortunate planet. However, it expands what it touches, and together with Uranus we can get explosive results.

I therefore think it likely that there is a going to be a dramatic escalation in the Ukraine war on or around May 11 – unless someone has the good sense to pull back. I say this because we already know that the world is unstable. It is like lighting a match – it is not a big deal unless you are sitting in a pool of gasoline. We should also consider the possibility that other places destabilize, for example Taiwan.

So what is likely to happen? Someone might do something dramatic, perhaps because they know they are losing. And this dramatic move could blow up everything.



Russian of the week: General Aleksandr Dvornikov

Army General DvornikovVladimir Putin has announced a new commander for Russia’s forces in Ukraine. His name is Army General Aleksandr Dvornikov. He was born in the Russian Far East on August 22 1961. We don’t have a time of birth for him. Here is his horoscope, with the hypothetical planets included:

Aleksandr DvornikovPossibly the best thing about his chart is the Sun in Leo. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and at the same time, it is conjunct Regulus, the royal star. Here is a person who has a strong sense of self, who is proud of his accomplishments. He will gravitate towards important people, and will have more than his fair share of good luck. The Sun is also conjunct the North Node and Uranus, so he has a nature affinity with dramatic and explosive events.

Furthermore, the Sun is exactly square the Mars-Saturn midpoint. This is a person who understands death and destruction, and knows how to mete it out. In Syria he was not averse to bombing cities to achieve his military aims, and in Ukraine we can expect the same thing. Interestingly, the Soviet Union’s most celebrate general, Georgy Zhukov, also had Sun square the Mars-Saturn midpoint.

We don’t know what Dvornikov’s Moon sign is – if he was born in the morning, before around 7.30 am, it would be in Sagittarius. After this time, Capricorn.

His Mars is in Libra, the sign of its detriment. However, having Mars in Libra doesn’t mean you can’t be a good general – Irwin Rommel had Mars in this sign.

Then there’s his Venus – in Cancer, opposition Saturn. Cancer is a sign that can be sentimental, but Saturn squelches is. We have a person who is able to control his feelings, and pursuade himself that the end justifies the means.

Additionally there is Mercury in Virgo conjunct Pluto. Aleksandr Dvornikov is not a fool, and he is capable of detailed planning. And if he looks at a problem for long enough, he can work out what needs to be done.

Finally, when Dvornikov was born the hypothetical planet Vulcanus was exactly square the Aries point. For most people this isn’t a big deal – it is a collective energy, that will have mininal impact. But if you are a senior Russian general, conducting a major European war, it becomes important. Witte and Lefeldt described the Vulcanus-Aries combination as “Power, might and force”. And that’s what Dvornikov is being hired for.

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Astrological trends for early April 2022

New MoonApril 2022 kicks off with a New Moon, on April 1, at 7.24 am London time. Here’s the chart, set for London:
April 1 2022 New MoonThe New Moon is making a square to the Hades-Kronos midpoint, in Cancer. Hades and Kronos are slow-moving, hypothetical planets. Hades relates to death, as well as elimination and criminality. Kronos is government, authority and the power of the state.

It’s a time when governments will be doing bad things – working behind closed doors and getting rid of their enemies. I am not just thinking about Russia – the United States, the United Kingdom and Ukraine have the same propensity for evil.

Witte and Lefeldt, in Rules for Planetary Pictures, wrote the following about the Hades-Kronos pair: “Great baseness and meanness, poverty or want. Poor government. The basic formula  for a criminal on a big scale”. This is what the New Moon brings into being. Terrible behaviour, with governments being the ultimate crooks.

An important feature of the New Moon chart is a conjunction between Mars and Saturn. Set for London, the conjunction isn’t prominent. We would have to go further east for the conjunction to be on the meridian. We then find that Moscow has the Mars-Saturn midpoint on the Midheaven. If we run the lines down (Mars on the left, Saturn on the right), we come to Eastern Ukraine:

Eastern Ukraine

We already know that the Russians are changing their military strategy and are now focusing on this area, specifically the Donbas. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is off the Mars and Saturn lines. In the Mariupol New Moon chart the Midheaven is only three arcminutes from the conjunction with the Mars-Saturn midpoint.

In Rules, we read that the Midheaven on the Mars-Saturn midpoint represents “Grief. To suffer from separations or separating actions. Decease. Cause of death. Dying. Deaths of others that make a deep impression upon the mind of the native. One’s own death”.  So it does seem, in early April, that the situation is far from perfect.

We should also cast an eye over China and Taiwan – where Mars and Saturn are setting, at the time of the New Moon. Here’s the map, showing Taiwan constricted by the two lines:

China and TaiwanIn addition, early April sees the Nodal axis square both Mars and Saturn. This is more of the same… connections with other people have a deathly quality. It’s more appropriate to go to a funeral than a wedding.

But don’t worry, things can always get worse.


Victoria Nuland: the anti-Diana?

Victoria NulandTime to demonstrate, once and for all, that astrology is garbage. Take two people, born on the same day of the same year, and show how their lives and legacies are miles apart.

Princess Diana was born on July 1 1961. Although Diana came from a wealthy background, she was unable to fully benefit from the academic opportunities placed before her.

She left school at 16, after failing her ‘O’ levels. These were exams that British 16 year olds took in the 1970s. In a British private school one would have expected even the least academic students to pass a couple of them. If she really passed none of them, that would have been extraordinary.

However, I know from personal experience that in itself passing exams gets you nowhere. Diana may have had no academic qualifications, but she was a great humanitarian, and was capable of being a trendsetter. She helped destygmatize AIDS, by publicly  shaking hands with an AIDS patient, without gloves. That might not sound a big deal, but at the height of AIDS hysteria it was an important and brave gesture. She also helped publicize the campaign against landmines, and just before her death she was photographed in a minefield in Angola, wearing a face shield and a protective jacket.

We then move to Victoria Nuland, also born on July 1 1961. She graduated from Brown University, an Ivy League institution, with a degree in Russian literature, political science and history.

Nuland has a track record of being involved in America’s overseas adventures. Between 2000 and 2003 she was US permanent representative to NATO, from 2003 to 2005 was a foreign policy advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney and from 2005 to 2008 was US ambassador to NATO. In the last two roles, she was able to canvass support for the US’s continuing inventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From 2013 to 2017 Victoria Nuland was Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Nuland knew a lot more about European and Russian history than Princess Diana ever did, and she must have realized how delicate Ukraine’s position was. An independent country, but one closely tied to Russia. Unlike most other East European countries it was not a member of NATO, and rightly or wrongly, Russia regarded Ukraine as being an part of its sphere of influence.

Victoria Nuland crashed into Ukraine like a bull in a china shop. She wanted to push back against Russian influence in the country, and in 2014 she cavorted with elements opposing the elected president, Viktor Yanukovych.

Nuland involved herself in regime change, and the ousting of Yanukovuych led to Russia’s annexing of the Crimea, and war in the Donbas. It was a situation that eventually morphed into Russia’s 2022 invasion.

We then have the question of how two famous people, so different from one another, share the same birthday, July 1 1961. Astrologers would argue that it is not enough to have a date of birth – you also need a time and a place of birth. Furthermore, you need to know the circumstances of someone’s life, including genetic heritage, because they show how the astrological signatures in a horoscope will manifest in the real world.

Let’s actually look at the horoscope, and see how this might work. Here’s Victoria Nuland’s chart, set for July 1 1961, at noon in New York:

Victoria Nuland

We notice straight away that both Princess Diana and Victoria Nuland have the Moon in Aquarius. In a female chart the Moon sign is often more important than the Sun sign. The Moon in Aquarius is independent minded, and can break convention. With Princess Diana she didn’t entirely fit in with the established norms of the Royal Family, and as we saw with her handshake with an AIDS patient, she was able to challenge society’s fears and stereotypes.

You could say the same with Victoria Nuland. There is a tradition that civil servants behave in a particular way, and have a certain aloofness and impartiality. Her behaviour in Ukraine may have been a manifestion of the Moon in Aquarius, paricular as her Moon, like Diana’s, is opposition Uranus, the planet of earthquakes and revolutions.

Victoria Nuland and Princess Diana also have the Aries point in aspect to the Mars-Saturn midpoint. The aspect in question is 135 degrees, or three-eighths of the circle. Aries is connected with the world at large, while Mars-Saturn is connected with death and destruction.

In Diana’s case, Aries on the Mars-Saturn midpoint relates to her death. She died in the spotlight of media attention, and the reason she crashed was because she was trying to escape from the press.

In Victoria Nuland’s case, the symbolish was the same, but the results very different. She didn’t die in a car crash in a Paris tunnel, and instead she got to stir things up, and help create events that led to a huge amount of death and destruction. Victoria Nuland got involved in Ukraine, and had a hand in unseating the elected president. This in turn led to eight years of war, in the Donbas and beyond.

Cynics would argue that I am scraping the barrel trying to find parallels between Princess Diana and Victoria Nuland. I absolute understand this, but I would argue that astrology is just one piece of the puzzle, and you have to look at how the various pieces interact with one other. A princess and a civil servant will handle the Moon in Aquarius in very different ways!


The horoscope of Volodymyr Zelensky

fVolodymyr Zelensky

I held off on interpreting Volodymyr Zelensky’s horoscope. I had to consider my own biases, which might have clouded my interpretation. Also, it’s a powerful chart, and much more dramatic than that of Vladimir Putin. Indeed, if wars are decided by the interestingness of their leaders’ horoscopes, Ukrainian forces would be at the gates of Moscow by now. But interesting doesn’t necessarily mean good.

So here is Zelensky’s horoscope, set for 2.00 pm on January 25 1978, in Krivoj Rog, Ukraine:

Zelensky horoscope

I don’t want to dwell on Zelensky’s biography. He is the current president of Ukraine, and he has been much applauded in the West for his leadership and rugged resistance to the Russian invasion. Prior to being president, he was an actor and comedian.

I should also say that I have made no attempt to find out about Zelensky’s personality, aside from what I have gleaned from news reports.

When I look at a chart, one of the first things I do is consider the elemental balance of the seven traditional planets. Zelensky has three planets in Fire signs: the Moon, Mars and Saturn, all in Leo; one planet in an Earth sign, which is Mercury in Capricorn; and three planets in Air signs, which are the Sun and Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini. Zelensky has no planets in Water signs.

This raises a polarity issue. Fire and Air are the positive elements, Earth and Water the negative ones. Six out of the seven of his traditional planets are positive. If we include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, it is nine out of ten planets that are positive.

Another way of looking at a chart is through the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Five of Zelensky’s traditional planets are fixed: Sun and Venus in Aquarius, and the Moon, Mars and Saturn in Leo.

Zelensky, with all his positive, Fire and Air planets, is someone who creates and initates. I don’t think he just passively responds to events. And it does seem that he has taken ownership of the War, and how it is presented to the outside world. In this light, there is some similarity between him and Winston Churchill. Like Zelensky, Winston Churchill had six out of seven traditional planets in Fire and Air signs. They also both had their Moons in Leo. The two men lead from the front, and had a sense of the dramatic.

The Fire-Air emphasis in Zelensky’s chart gives us an idea of how he operates. As an Aquarian, he is independent-minded and stubborn. Yes, he considers the facts, but he also has a strong sense of his own rightness. At the same time there is an intuitive side to him, where he intuits what is correct without having to think about it.

But he has no planets in Water signs. He may be a performer, but sometimes he can be overly dismissive of the emotional atmosphere. And I think, with his Aquarian Sun conjunct Venus, he is able to emotionally detach himself from the suffering going on around him. Perhaps this allows him to make hard decisions, but he nonetheless has to be careful.

There may be a literal manifestation of his lack of Water. Ukraine, in choosing Zelensky as president, may lose its coastline. At the moment the Russians are moving Westwards along the Black Sea coast, presumably with the aim of reaching Odessa. This would make Ukraine effectively landlocked. Whether such a capture of territory would be sustainable is another matter, but right now the promise of Zelensky’s horoscope is being lived out.

Zelensky’s ascendant is Gemini. The ascendant is the image he presents to the world. Someone who is flexible, who can move from one thing to another with relative ease. This impression is strenghened by the presence of Jupiter in Gemini. This is what helped him be a comedian and actor. It also lightens up his chart, through its aspect to the Sun-Moon midpoint.

This is important. When you do a chart, you should always check to see if there is a planet aspecting the Sun-Moon midpoint, because this planet is likely to be very prominent. The aspects you should use are conjunctions, oppositions, squares, semi-squares and sesquiquadrates. And you should use one degree orbs.

Zelensky’s Sun-Moon midpoint is at 11 degrees 25 minutes Scorpio, and his Jupiter is at 27 degrees 9 minutes Gemini – meaning that he has Jupiter sesquiquadrate the Sun/Moon midpoint. This makes him larger than life, and gives him a sense of fun and a sense of humour.

Yet Jupiter is not the strongest planet in Zelensky’s chart. That honour belongs to the Sun. On the face of it this is surprising, because the Sun is in its detriment in Aquarius. But the Sun is in the right places: it is in a daylight chart, it is above the horizon and it is in a masculine sign. Furthermore, the Sun is in mutual reception with Saturn in Leo – the two planets are in signs which each other rule.  To make matters even better, the Sun is in close conjunction to benefic Venus, and Saturn is conjunct Regulus, the royal star.

The picture I am getting is someone tough and uncompromising, who is also able to think through the sitatuion. The Gemini rising may appear flexible, but it is possibly just a front. And because Zelensky is Ukraine’s leader, his horoscope rubs off on his country.

This has a cost. Ukraine, by standing up to Russia, has endured catastrophic destruction. It is a country that won’t bend, and this reflects the fixity of Zelensky’s horoscope. And if Ukraine does lose the war, I think it will be a sudden collapse rather than a gradual decline.

I should also point out that Zelensky’s Mars-Saturn midpoing is at 14 degrees 32 minutes Leo, which is semisquare the Aries point. The Aries point is the world at large, while the Mars-Saturn pair is associated with death and destruction. When you have a politician with the Aries point on the Mars-Saturn midpoint you have the possibility of unacceptable destruction.

As far as what is going on in Zelensky’s life right now, if you’re interested you already know. I would nonetheless like to mention his solar return, set for January 25 2022, in his place of birth:

Zelensky 2022 Solar Return

It is a clean and descriptive chart. Mars is risining in Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, and the Moon in Libra is close to the Midheaven. Mars is the planet of war, it is rising, and we therefore have the signature of a successful war leader. The Moon is the public, it is on the Midheaven, and that’s the signature of someone getting a lot of public attention.

While all this is going on, Saturn is moving through mid and late Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Zelensky’s Midheaven, so it is not surprising that he has been doing so well at his job. While Saturn can be problematic, in Aquarius, a sign of its rulership, it performs well. Matters are further helped by the fact that Zelensky’s annual profection, starting on January 25 2022, is covered by Aquarius, and is therefore ruled by Saturn.

Yet I am wondering if Mars might spoil the party. On March 6 it entered Aquarius, and it stays there until April 15. It causes a huge amount of aggravation, both to Zelensky and Ukraine. His life will certainly be in danger – I know, I’m stating the obvious here, but the astrological signature is there. We also have a Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 5.

I suppose if Ukraine and Zelensky can survive in tact until April 15, they may be over the worst. But that’s a big ask, and I am wondering if Ukraine really did the right thing choosing a president with such a powerful chart. Indeed at best it might be a case of the operation being successful, but the patient dying.


Is Putin’s numerologist trying to scare us?

68I’ve just written an article suggesting that from an astrological point of view, the timing of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine wasn’t bad, given the constraints. So maybe, in our fantasy world, we can speculate that Putin has an astrologer. Let’s call her Katka. And Katka is an expert in the dark arts, including numerology. As a numerologist, she knows of an interesting coincidence – that the start dates of the First and Second World War both add up to 68.

I understand that the start dates of these wars depends on which country you are looking at, but the general view is that the First World War started on 28 July 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, and the Second World War started on 1 September 1939, when Germany invaded Poland.

From a numerological point of view, we can do the following analyses:

28 July 1914 = 28 + 7 + 19 + 14 = 68

1 September 1939 = 1 + 9 + 19 + 39 = 68

This is an interesting coincidence, with the suggestion being that the two dates chime with one another. Katka knows this – she learned it in numerology school – and she tells her client about it. They discuss the matter, and decide to choose a date for the invasion of the Ukraine which also adds up to 68. Such a coincidence might scare ordinary people in the West into thinking that the Third World War had started. Then the West, pressurized by its superstitious public, might back off.

A possible date might be 25 January 2022, which is 25 + 1 + 20 + 22 = 68. That would have been a good one, because it was also Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s 44th birthday. He’s the Ukrainian president, if you don’t know. Another possibility was 15 December 2021, which is 15 + 12 + 20 + 21 = 68. However, these dates are two early, and Russia didn’t want to upset the Chinese, by drawing attention from their Winter Olympics. Katka then comes up with 24 February 2022, which is 24 + 2 + 20 + 22 = 68. This was the actual date of the invasion. Like the start of the First and Second World War, it adds up to 68. It’s the Third World War, right?

I hope that someone like Katka exists. I hope that Russia deliberatly chose 24 February 2022 because it adds up to 68, and might therefore scare the West into backing off. The alternative, that it was an unforced repetition, makes me worried.


Did Russia choose the right time to invade Ukraine?

Hampton Court astronomical clockElectional astrology is the astrology of timing. The astrologer chooses the best time to do something. This could be a wedding, the start of a business venture, or an important announcement. In terms of politics, astrologer Joan Quigley claimed:

“I was responsible for timing all press conferences, most speeches, the State of the Union addresses, the takeoffs and landings of Air Force One. I picked the time of Ronald Reagan’s debate with [Jimmy] Carter and the two debates with Walter Mondale; all extended trips abroad as well as the shorter trips and one-day excursions.”

As far as Russia is concerned, I doubt that Vladimir Putin consults an astrologer. However, it might have been a good idea to at least consider the astrological picture. A good invasion horoscope wouldn’t have guaranteed success, but Putin should have pondered on the fact that Reagan was the Teflon president, and that some of his success might have been down to Joan Quigley’s advice.

When you’re choosing the best time for an event, you’re usually constrained by practicality. If someone asks me about the best time to get married, I can’t say 3.37 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Likewise, if a Moscow astrologer was asked by Putin to select the best time for the invasion, he couldn’t have suggested February 15 2022, because that was during the Chinese Winter Olympics. As many analysts predicted, the invastion would come after the Olympics were finished, and before the weather started warming up. In other words, the invasion had to happen as soon after the Olympics as possible.

As it happened, the invasion started at 4.55 am Kyev time, on February 24 2022. Here’s the chart, set for Kyev:

Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

It’s not a bad chart. The Ascendant and the First House represent the aggressor. Capricorn is rising, and there is a Venus-Mars conjunction in this sign. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and benefits from its proximity to Venus. This is the signature of a successful invasion, especially as Mars is the planet of war. Furthermore, Mars rules the Tenth House, which is the objective of the operation.

If you are crazy enough to use Alfred Witte’s hypothetical planets, you’ll immediately note that Mars at 22 degrees 27 Capricorn is making a 90-degree aspect to Zeus, at 22 57 Libra. Witte connected Zeus with armaments and gunfire, and in Rules for Planetary Pictures we read that Mars-Zeus is about “Shooting flames” and “Machines. Military Technique. Officer. Firearm”.

The Mars-Zeus square was triggered by the Moon in Sagittarius, which was exactly 45 degrees from both Mars and Zeus. The Moon is also the ruler of the Seventh House, and therefore represents the Ukrainians, the defenders. Rules for Planetary Pictures describes the Moon on the Mars-Zeus midpoint as “Strong emotion. Excited populace”. This symbolizes the Ukrainian populous resisting the invasion, and specificually, taking up arms: the Moon is the people, the Mars-Zeus combination represents the free rifles being handed out.

We also see the Moon applying to a sextile aspect with Mercury in Aquarius. This shows how effective the Ukrainians have been at communicating their message to the outside world.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that astrologically the timing of the invasion was good – given the Russians were going to invade, and they had to wait until after the Olympics. But I must emphasize that a good chart doesn’t guarantee a good result – if something is fated you can’t change the outcome by messing with horoscopes.

And right now, our hypothetical Moscow astrologer is chewing on his or her fingernails. They came up with a good chart for the invasion – sorry, special military operation – but was is good enough?


Ukraine, Biden and Astrology

Joe Biden.I am not a US voter, but if I was I would vote Democrat.  Simply because Republicans are less interested than Democrats in universal health care and environmental protection. However, if my only concern was world peace, and the local military base not being a nuclear target, I would vote Republican. Maybe it’s because Democrats are indecisive – they give mixed messages until it is too late. Or they don’t understand realpolitik. In the case of the current Democrats, I think they are still blaming Russia, rather than themselves, for losing the 2016 election.

Biden himself was always a threat to world peace. I commented on this in a previous article, and we can see this from his horoscope:

Joe Biden's horoscope

There is a conjunction between Saturn and Uranus, circled in red, on his descendant. He attracts unexpected conflict, almost without thinking. Incidentally, Biden was born on November 20 1942, the day after the Soviet Union launched a massive offensive on the German Sixth Army in Stalingrad. He was therefore born when the Russians were turning the tide of the Second World War, and as president he is again seeing the Russian army in action.

As I have already explained, Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20 2021 was inauspicious.  Here’s the chart:

Biden inauguration chart

There was an exact Mars-Uranus conjunction, which was square the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. This is a clear signature of violence, that chimes with the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Biden’s own horoscope. We also have Pluto conjunct the Midheaven – with Pluto being very close to its position on July 4 1776. Biden’s presidency is an integral part of the transformation and probable decline of the United States.

It could be argued that any president would have had this inauguration chart. However, if Trump had won in 2020 his presidency would still have been linked with his 2017 inauguration chart. This makes me think that in 2020 America may have made a huge mistake voting the incumbent out of office.

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The horoscope of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

I am a bit late to the game, but I thought I’d better say a few words about Vladimir Putin. He was born on October 7 1952, in Leningrad. People have suggested times for his birth, but we don’t know for sure. Therefore, I am setting his horoscope for midday.

The first point to make is that Putin is a Libran. At first sight this is surprising. Libra is a sign that supposedly relates to balance and compromise. This is why many astrologers in the 1930s thought that Hitler, with Libra rising, was not going to start a European war. However balance is not the same as compromise. Librans either want to balance themselves to the world, or balance the world to themselves.

It may be that Putin is more of a traditional Libran than we realize. His image is certainly tough, but perhaps behind closed doors he is more indecisive than we realize. He might compromise and go for half measures, and this may damage his effectiveness. In this light, we should remember that all things being equal, Libra is one of the worst signs to have your Sun in, particularly if you’re male.

Putin probably has the Moon in Gemini – unless he was born early in the morning, in which case he would have the Moon in Taurus. I would interpret this as someone who says a lot of stuff, almost as an emotional defence. And we shouldn’t always take what he says at face value, especially as he has a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune. This conjunction is deceptive, and at the same time can encourage someone to make errors of judgement. For example, if you believe his critics, the invasion of Ukraine. In this case, the Mercury-Neptune conjunction may represent wishful thinking, both about Russian military capacity and Ukrainian public opinion.

Putin’s Venus in Scorpio exactly semisquare his Mars in Sagittarius is interesting. Venus in Scorpio can be vindictive, and Mars in Sagittarius could be connected with long distance revenge. If you cross Putin, or Mother Russia, you’re in trouble. Also, Putin’s Mars, at 27 Sagittarius, is close to Stalin’s Sun, which was at 26 Sagittarius. At some level, Stalin may be a role model for him, on how best to use one’s power.

At the moment this Mars is being hit by solar arc directed Saturn.  Putin is 69 years old and his Mars and Saturn are 69 degrees apart, so it is not surprising that he has got himself involved in a very difficult war. Incidentally, his Mars, along with his Venus, aspects the Pluto-Hades midpoint. Rules for Planetary Pictures gives support to the anti-Putin narrative, when it describes this midpoint as “Corrupt and degenerate and devilish plans and manipulations”. Directed Saturn on the midpoint highlights the current situation very well: “Grievances which cannot be removed for a long time. A bad situation grows worse”.

From a collective point of view, I notice that Putin’s Saturn in Libra is square his Uranus in Cancer. This aspect is about tension and upheaval. There was a square between Saturn and Uranus in 2000, when he became Russian president, and through 2021 the two planets were also making a square.

Putin has the North Node at 20 Aquarius, and over the next few weeks Saturn is moving onto this degree. Russia is traditionally an Aquarian country, and it is fitting that someone with the North Node in Aquarius is its leader. Russia is Putin’s destiny, and Putin is Russia’s destiny.

But I don’t have a time of birth, and I don’t find the chart particularly interesting or telling. I suspect that the current situation would be happening whoever was leading Russia.


Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13 2021

JupiterSince the end of 2020 Jupiter has been moving through Aquarius.  It’s not the best sign for Jupiter to be in, especially as Saturn is also in Aquarius.  However on May 13 2021, at 11.36 pm London time, Jupiter changes sign, and moves into Pisces.  This should be good news – Jupiter is the the ruler of Pisces, and as a result we’re going to be more optimistic.  Perhaps we’ll feel that COVID-19 is finally over, and we can start chasing our dreams.

It is worth considering other times when Jupiter entered Pisces:

October 28 2022
December 29 2021
May 13 2021

January 18 2010
September 9 2010

February 4 1998

February 20 1986

March 8 1974

March 25 1962

December 1 1950
April 15 1950

October 30 1939
December 29 1938
May 14 1938

September 11 1927
January 18 1927

February 4 1915

Jupiter has a cycle of just under 12 years. However, there are periods in its orbit where it appears to go backwards. This means it can go into Pisces, go back into Aquarus, then return to Pisces. It can even enter Pisces three times in a cycle: enter Pisces from Aquarius twice, and enter Pisces from Aries, while moving retrograde. I have listed a century of Jupiter going into Pisces, from 1915 through to 1922. I don’t really want to try too hard to find patterns, because I don’t want to be accused of being a meaning machine. We have to look at each situation individually.

One has to think what Jupiter in Pisces might mean, in the currewnt context. It is about the reaction to the state control of people’s lives while Jupiter was in Capricorn and Aquarius. Things are going to get better, and we may see objective evidence that we’ve turned a corner. We might see this in terms of higher asset prices – for example, stocks. Jupiter is also the planet of inflation, and given people are already worried about rising prices, this could become a reality between May 13 and July 28, when Jupiter goes back into Aquarius. After July 28, Jupiter loses strength, and the optimism of the early summer is likely to drain away.

Interestingly, over the next two years Jupiter goes into Pisces three times. The first time is May 13 2021. The next time is December 29 2021, when Jupiter returns to Pisces after its revisit of Aquarius. The final time is October 28 2022, when it goes back into Pisces after entering Aries. So we are talking about a process rather than just an event. It’s the attempt to maintain a positive view of the world, against mounting evidence that things are moving from bad to worse. The last time there was a triple Pisces ingress was in 1938 and 1939, in the run-up to the Second World War. For a number of reasons the world will be a more dangerous place, and if we listen carefully we can hear the distant drums of war. But I don’t think that it will be until 2022 that the US is forced to seriously ramp its military activities.

If you’re a Republican, Jupiter moving into Pisces should be good news. Traditionally Jupiter rules the GOP, and Saturn the Democrats. Over the last few years  Jupiter has been in Saturn-ruled signs, while Saturn has been in signs of its own rulership. Jupiter’s movement into Pisces allows the Republicans to break free from past restrictions, and at the time of next year’s mid-terms it will still be in Pisces.  Perhaps the Republicans will benefit politically from rocketing inflation and a deteriorating geopolitical situation? This will in turn pave the way for a Republican to win in 2024, especially if Kamala Harris is the presidential candidate – but more of that later.