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Astrology for Wednesday May 17 2023

We look at today’s astrology, and also consider the horoscope of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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Astrology for Tuesday May 2015

I really do feel that Prince George is unsuited for the British throne. Hopefully his parents will recognized this and channel him in other directions.


Astrology for Saturday May 13 2023

The Moon is in Pisces, making a conjunction to Saturn.

As usual, I do my forecasts for the 12 signs. I also comment on my dog’s horoscope.  She’s got Moon in Scorpio, which is somewhat problematic.


Astrology for Friday May 12 2023

The Moon is in late Aquarius, making square aspects to the Sun and Uranus. It is a day when many of us could be very stubborn. We have our view of the world, and we’re not ready to compromise. But what are we fighting for? Is it worth the aggravation?

On a more positive note, Venus is making a sextile aspect to Mercury. It is an aspect that’s very creative, and we can create some amazing things – whether in terms of work or play.

As far as my featured charts are concerned, today’s video discusses the charts of Donald Trump and E. Jean Carroll. Carroll is the woman who made very serious allegations against Trump, which led to a court awarding her $5,000,000 in damages. Both Trump and Carroll were born close to Full Moons. Further, Carroll has Saturn in Gemini, right on Trump’s Sun and opposition his Moon. No wonder she is causing him so much damage – or is she just keeping him in the news?