Broccoli ice cream!  At least that’s the danger.  I recently immigrated to the US, and I am living in the Pacific Northwest.  I want to write about America, and also write about astrology.  Can I bring the two things together in the same place?  Probably not, but I’ll give it a go.

My astrology has many dimensions. I’ve taught astrology, I’ve lectured on it, I’ve written books about it, I’ve even passed exams in it. Most importantly, I have many clients, who seek my advice about a range of subjects: from lost objects through to business decision-making, from love and romance through to spirit and Karma.

I see myself as being part of a long tradition, going back thousands of years to Ancient Babylon, and perhaps earlier. I make full use of this tradition. For example, I regularly work with Hindu astrology, and I’m able to harness its stunning predictive powers. And when I answer specific questions, I apply the same techniques that astrologers used in Seventeenth Century Europe.

Nonetheless, I spend a certain amount of my time doing star sign astrology – making forecasts for people based on the sign of the Zodiac their Sun was in at the time of their birth.  In fact for over a decade I did contract work for a mobile phone company, doing voice and text message horoscopes for the twelve signs.

My job as an astrologer neatly dovetails with my interest in politics and economics – in fact in the early 1980s I studied international relations at the London School of Economics. I really do believe that through astrology we can not only understand global trends, but we can also put ourselves in a position to benefit from them.

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