Brexit horary revisited

by Archie Dunlop on June 24, 2016


I cast a horary chart at the end of March, asking whether the British people would vote for Brexit, which I put up in an earlier post.  Many astrologers reject the idea of asking a horary question for a national or global event.  What if everyone asked a horary?  However one has to understand that a horary is a subjective event, where the astrologer and the question come together at a particular time.  My method of answering the question reflects my subjectivity.  I am asking the question, and I have my biases.  I am the Scorpio Ascendant, and I wanted Brexit to happen.

Traditionally the Moon is representative of the British people.  It is also where the flow is.  It is right at the end of the 11th House, in Libra, where it moves to a sextile of Saturn.  The Sextile happens when the Moon is in the 12th.

We need to track the events taking place during the Moon’s trajectory forward.  First, it moves to 15 degrees Libra, which is the beginning of the Via Combusta, the flaming path, which spans the 30 degrees from 15 degrees Libra through to 15 degrees Scorpio.  Then it sextiles Saturn, and finally, its last major aspect before leaving the sign is an opposition with Uranus.

In retrospect, the Moon’s entry into the Via Combusta was surely the killing of the MP Jo Cox.  Something unexpected happened, which changed the campaign.  The Moon was on the 11th/12th house cusp, and the 11th House is connected with parliaments.  Furthermore, Mercury, ruler of the 11th House, is combust, a potential sign of a dead Member of Parliament.

In the days following the killing of Jo Cox, there was a feeling that the murder would lead to Brexit being defeated, and this was reflected in the polls.  However the Moon was now in the Twelfth House.  The electorate were no longer communicating, and were not being open about their voting preferences.  This is how the polls got it wrong, and particularly the phone polls.   Registering a preference online, compared to telling a real-life person what you are going to do, is a more private action, where you feel less scrutiny.

The sextile to Saturn, ruler of the 4th, was the completion of the action – a quiet decision by the electorate to leave the EU.  Although I don’t pay too much attention to outer planets, the opposition to Uranus is the icing on the cake.   It is the disruption caused by a Brexit vote.  Incidentally Uranus is in the 6th House, which is connected with the working class – the uprising of this class against the metropolitan elite.

Going back to the subjectivity of the horary, I put it up on this website just over a week before the Referendum.  I know very few people visit the site, but some people commented, and I told a few friends about my forecast.  So if I had got it wrong I would have been embarrassed.  Furthermore, it would have called into question my astrological ability.  Yet Mars, my ruler, receives a fortunate aspect from the Sun in Aries ruler of the 10th House, so for me personally, the question should work out OK.


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