Weekly horoscopes for the week starting on July 1 2013

by Archie Dunlop on June 30, 2013

Princess Diana

Happy birthday Princess Diana, who was born on July 1 1961.

Aries: Heavy duty astrological energies are in play.  You yourself are in the mood for change, and at some level you want to create an earthquake.  However you’re not Superman – or Superwoman – and you need to address yourself to reality, particularly when it comes to relationships.  Indeed your first responsibility is to make sure that everyone is OK.  If you’re feeling tense, don’t take your feeling out on other people – instead do some quiet contemplation.

Taurus: Venus, your ruling planet, is making a stressful aspect to Saturn.  You might find it difficult to express yourself, and relationships could be something of a challenge.  Maybe your partner will be difficult to understand?  Or there might be a communication break-down.  Under these circumstances, you should perhaps say nothing, and wait patiently for the situation to resolve itself.

Gemini: Mercury, your ruling planet, continues to move backwards, so it might feel that you’re stuck.  However don’t worry.  Everything happens for a reason, and if there’s a delay it means that you’ve got time to think.  And perhaps you’ll be able to develop a brand new strategy, which in the not-so-distant future will show a clear dividend.  When it comes to money, a bit of caution goes a long way.

Cancer: The Sun continues its movement through Cancer, so overall you’re going to be in a strong position, and you’ll have an increasing amount of confidence.  However the Sun is aspecting both Uranus and Pluto, so not everything is going to be plain sailing.  There will be unusual events, and it might feel that you’re not in control of the situation.  However we’re talking about broad trends, that effect everyone – so whatever’s going on, don’t take it personally.

Leo: Take it easy.  The overall situation is complicated, and if you take on too much you could get yourself into trouble.  Also, you should avoid the public eye – when you’re being watched by millions, or even by just a couple, your luck could start running out.  But don’t worry.  It’s only a passing phase, and soon enough the situation will resolve itself.  When you’re alone, truly alone, you become genuinely inspired, and your next move will become very obvious.

Virgo: It’s nice to have friends, but don’t assume that they’re a hundred percent reliable.  If you ask them to do something they might do it, they might not.  So if something is really important, make sure you do it yourself, and don’t take people’s words at face value.  Elsewhere a surprise set of events might bring home to you that the world is changing, and in the process you’ll realize that your own priorities need to change.  What seemed a curse might actually be a blessing.

Libra: There are things you want and you want them right now.  However you can’t have everything at once, and in the short-term you have to re-evaluate your priorities.  This needn’t be such a bad thing – you’ve got the whole summer (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere!) to think about what you want.  In terms of your love life, partners are stubborn, and you either do what you’re told or you stay out of their way.

Scorpio: Someone wants your help.  You don’t have a lot of respect for this person, and you’re tempted to turn your back on them, but is this really the right approach?  If you do what’s expected of you, with a good heart, you’ll eventually benefit.  Perhaps a person who you think is unimportant is actually crucial, which means that everyone you meet should be treated like royalty, even if it hurts in the short-term.

Sagittarius: It’s becoming clear that you’ve made a mistake.  Right now it’s probably not a very big mistake, but with each passing day the consequences are increasing.  So what you have to do is admit you’re wrong, and go back to the starting blocks.  It won’t be as embarrassing as you’d imagined, and  once you put yourself on the right path you’ll quickly be able to make up for lost ground.  A bit of humility goes a long way!

Capricorn: To what extent do you tolerate other people?  If you’re typical of your star sign, you value your own privacy, and you don’t like it when anyone interferes.  However there are certain individuals, in your immediate environment, who are fragile, and they need your care and attention.  Looking at your career, and it’s clear that things are changing, and it’s connected with the fast pace of social and technological transformation.  Can you handle it?  Almost certainly!

Aquarius: If you’re typical of your star sign, you like everything to be logical, and you steer clear of emotional complications.  However the Sun is making stressful aspects to Uranus and Pluto, and you might find that other people are in a state of confusion, that they’re looking for some kind of guidance.  So you have to enter their world, and try to understand what’s going on.  It won’t be easy, but neither will it be impossible.

Pisces: You’re in a situation which has been going on for too long – or so it seems.  You’re wondering when it will stop, because at the very least it’s getting boring.  However there is something you need to learn, and until you learn the required lesson, nothing much is going to change.  You have to look around you, and be honest with yourself.  And then it will hit you, and you’ll be ready and willing to make the required move.

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