Weekly horoscope for the week starting on Monday June 24 2013

by Archie Dunlop on June 22, 2013

Lord Kitchener

Lord Kitchener was born on June 24 1850. How appropriate that a Cancerian was immortalized for his encouragement of millions of Britons to die for their country.

Aries: Some big changes are afoot, and you’ll have to change gears.  It’s about recognizing that everything takes time, that the slow approach is sometimes the best approach.  So if you’ve got big plans and pressing deadlines, try to halve the work and double the time.  From a longer term perspective, it might be a good idea to spend more time at home.  If you’re of an entrepreneurial bent, then you might soon have an opportunity to make money out of real estate or mining.

Taurus: This week Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Leo.  As a result you’ll start having a high opinion of yourself, and you’ll believe that you’ve got talents that other people are missing.  And what’s wrong with that?  Modesty is sometimes an overstated virtue.  However bear in mind that the closer to your own home you are, the stronger you’ll be.  If you hang out with strangers, and go to big parties, you’l feel like a small Bull in a big field.

Gemini: Hey Gemini, Mercury goes retrograde this week.  Mercury is your ruling planet, and right now it’s in the money sector of your solar chart.  So all of sudden things could start going backwards, and recent financial gains may not seem so secure.  So it’s important that you’re careful, that you spend as little money as possible.  On a positive note, sensible but boring actions on your part can lay the foundations for future security.

Cancer: Good news!  This week the planet Jupiter moves into your star sign.  Jupiter works very well in Cancer, and you’re moving into a stage of life when many of your ambitions can be fulfilled.  So it’s important to be positive, to think that of all possible scenarios, the very best scenario can happen.  However watch out for exaggerated behavior, particularly when it comes to money – if you buy something on a whim there could be cause for regret.

Leo: Venus moves into your star sign.  As a result you’re going to be charismatic, and you’ll know how to win people’s favor.  However you’re going to be very disciplined, because of a favorable aspect between the Sun and Saturn.  You’ll understand your responsibilities and you won’t let people down.  The Sun-Saturn aspect could also have implications for relationships – you’ll have the gravitas to make partners and lovers take you seriously.  Capricorns and Aquarians, and perhaps Scorpios, could be good for you.

Virgo: Other people are changing, for the better.  They are thinking less of themselves, and they are starting to see the big picture.  Morality is important, and so are friendship and shared ideals.   If you’re in a relationship then your partner is going to make better company, and they’ll start showing the warm and generous side of their personality.  On the down side, Mercury, your ruler, is starting to go backwards.  Some of your plans might have to be delayed, at least for a few weeks.

Libra: Jupiter moves into Cancer.  In the Libran horoscope the sign Cancer has a special connection with career, and you’re moving into a stage of your life when you can be very successful in your chosen endeavors.  So don’t doubt yourself, and if there’s something you want to do, then make sure you do it!  And by the way, don’t be more polite that you have to be – sometimes it’s necessary to make a fuss.

Scorpio: You’re starting to realize what’s important and what’s completely trivial.  And perhaps you’re realizing that some values are eternal, the ones that point to a higher form of being, that transcends the limits of the here and now.  In the process, you might have to change your mind about an important subject.  At the end of the week you comes across something that seriously annoys you.  It is essential that you keep your cool.

Sagittarius: Jupiter, your ruling planet, changes sign, from Gemini to Cancer.  This is an important event.  On one hand you’re going to be in a better position – you’ll understand your responsibilities and you’ll realize what needs to be done.  However from an outside perspective, you might seem a little boring, perhaps because people were expecting the old, irresponsible you.  But don’t worry – you’re growing up, and you’re meeting the world and its challenges head on.

Capricorn: Relationships are going to take center stage, for a prolonged period of time.  It’s because Jupiter is moving into Cancer, your opposite sign.  You can benefit enormously from other people, and relationships of all kinds can be greatly intensified.  If you’re a single Capricorn, then now is your chance to link up with someone special.  You’ve got the required attributes and it’s time to promote yourself and your talents.

Aquarius: The Sun aspects Saturn.  From a romantic angle this aspect could be important, because Saturn is your ruling planet and the Sun is your relationship ruler.  You and and someone else have clear lines of communications, and if you give the right signals then anything is possible.  However Aquarians can sometimes be aloof, to the point of being intimidating.  This is a tendency that has to be addressed, otherwise your love life could stall.

Pisces: Jupiter is your ruling planet, not Neptune as is sometimes claimed.  Therefore the movements of Jupiter are of great importance to your life and fortune.  And this week Jupiter moves into Cancer, a sign where it’s exalted.  So you’re entering a stage of your life where things could work very well – not only will you be lucky, but you’ll also be creative.  You can do something amazing, if you just let go!

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