Weekly horoscope for the week starting Monday June 17 2013

by Archie Dunlop on June 15, 2013

Heinz Guderian

Who says Geminis don’t make good generals? German general Heinz Guderian, aka ‘Fast Heinz’, was born on June 17 1888. His armored breakthrough at Sedan in 1940 led to the fall of France.

Aries: At the beginning of the week Mars, your ruler, makes a favorable aspect to Uranus.  You’re able to make things happen, and through a dramatic approach you can make everyone sit up and listen.  By doing the last thing that anyone expects you create the possibility of real change.  Yet the week ends with the Summer solstice – or whatever you call it south of the Equator – and you might feel that it’s time to get back to your roots.  Where there’s talking there’s opportunity.

Taurus: Certain financial issues are moving to a rapid conclusion.  Perhaps, over the last year or so, you’e been re-thinking your financial options, and you now realize what’s required of you.  However be careful – just as you move out of the woods there’ll be a temptation to make one more financial mistake.  So avoid spending large sums of money, unless it’s a matter of life and death.  Elsewhere partners have unusual ideas – ideas which may not be as crazy as they sound.

Gemini: The Gemini month is drawing to a close!  A lot of things had been happening in your life, and you had chances to change direction, and put right past mistakes.  However there is always a danger of laziness, and if you assume that everything will sort itself out, of its own accord, you may be sadly mistaken.  Elsewhere friends and colleagues have a surprise for you, a surprise that could very much run in your favor.

Cancer: How do you have maximum impact?  This week it’s not about making a lot of noise.  It’s about doing what you do best, in a quiet, low-profile way.  You won’t be noticed, and you’ll be able to get on with the job, without being disturbed.  At the end of the week the Sun moves from Gemini to Cancer.  Your birthday month unfolds, and you can start expressing yourself in a big way.  And there’ll be no need to repeat yourself.

Leo: The Sun, your ruler, is making a conjunction to Jupiter.  It’s an aspect that happens approximately once a year, and overall it’s good news.  You’re going to be optimistic, and you’ll believe that just about anything is possible – particularly in terms of you social life.  Your friends are indeed blasting with energy, and if you follow  their lead you’re unlikely to be bored.  However all good things must come to an end, and as the week draws to a close you’ll start valuing your own company.

Virgo: At work there could be fun and games – after all, there’s a conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter, in the career sector of your solar chart.  You can project the full force of your personality, and your ideas are going to seem wonderful.  So don’t be modest – tell everyone about your plans, and don’t ask too many questions.  At the end of the week a new tide is moving your way, which could allow you to re-arrange the various patterns of your friendships.

Libra: The process of change is nearly over.  You realize that the world is complicated, and that the old ways have had their day.  In particular, you know that some of the answers you’re looking for can’t be found in the usual places.  Perhaps you’ll have to reach out, to the other side of the world!  Alternatively you might accept that the spiritual dimension can no longer be ignored, that you have to function on several plains of existence simultaneously.  But, but, but… you also need to keep both feet firmly on the ground.

Scorpio: The week kicks off with a favorable aspect between Mars and Uranus.  You’re in the mood for action, and you’re not satisfied with the status quo.  If you so wish you can upset the apple-cart, but are you able to pay the emotional price?  Nonetheless, if you handle your emotions in the right way you can create powerful effects.  At the end of the week something you do connected with a faraway country can prove, in time, to be a profitable direction.

Sagittarius: I don’t know.  You can benefit from other people, but only up to a point.  If you get too close to any one person, then problems might manifest, especially as the Sun is uncomfortably close to Jupiter, your ruling planet.  Maybe someone’s powerful personality will prevent you from thinking straight, and as a result you’ll make a mistake?  If you follow another person’s lead you could indeed be walking into a trap.  Romance could be less of a blessing, more of a curse, at least in the short term.

Capricorn: In the run up to the Solstice there’s work to be done.  It might be boring, but it’s nonetheless necessary.  For example, there are administrative tasks to be done, and perhaps also some promises that have to be honored.  Your attention to detail will be outstanding, and through careful moves you can gain other people’s support.  By the end of the week the Sun is in Cancer, your opposite sign.  You can turn your attention to relationships, of all kinds.  With partnership comes opportunity.

Aquarius: You’ve got something to contribute and you mustn’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself.   By showing the world the real you, you’ll attract both criticism and support.  However one supporter is worth a dozen critics!  In terms of relationships, partners want to make their presence felt.  You might regard their approach as being unreasonable, but if you follow the situation through everyone can have a good time, you included.

Pisces: Try not to spend too much time at home.  This is because Jupiter, your ruling planet, is conjunct the Sun.  When you’re at home, or surrounded by your family, you might feel hemmed in, and unable to express yourself.  It’s better that you give yourself some space, and that you’re able to make your own decisions.   At the end of the week it’s the Solstice.  It’s time for Pisceans to have fun, and to tune into their fundamental creativity.

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