Weekly horoscopes for the week starting on Monday June 10 2013

by Archie Dunlop on June 9, 2013

Judy Garland

Judy Garland was born on June 10 1922.

Aries: Some things don’t have to be said. You can keep them to yourself, and in your own way work out their significance. If you were to be open about your opinions, the consequences could be very unfortunate. At the end of the week your sense of humor moves in a nasty direction, and in your particular part of the world, deaths and funerals might raise a few laughs.

Taurus: Venus, your ruler, makes a stressful aspect to Uranus. There’s a nervous tension in the air, and it might feel that at any moment things could explode.  So tread carefully, and don’t do anything too stupid.  At the end of the week there might be some unexpected complications, caused by other people’s inappropriate behavior.  Also, just because someone acts the tough guy, doesn’t necessarily mean that they can carry out their promises.

Gemini: You feel pretty sure that it’s happened.  I mean, the big event, which would move you from one place to another place, which would demonstrate that your luck really has changed.  However if you try too hard to analyze the situation, you may feel that you’re getting nowhere.  So perhaps you should relax, and tell yourself that things really are getting better.  Many Geminis may see concrete evidence that their financial situation is improving.

Cancer: A good week, provided you handle the prevailing planetary energies in the right way.  You’re certainly going to be dynamic, thanks to a powerful aspect between Venus and Uranus, which hits the main angles of your solar chart.  However you can’t expect the normal methods to work – you must be ready to spring a surprise, and if people complain, that’s their problem, not yours.

Leo: You’ve got to be honest, particularly when it comes to money.  Look at your bank account details, even if it pains you.  By taking a realistic approach, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes.  At the same time, don’t take what your friends are doing at face value, and don’t agree with them just because it’s the easy option.  It’s a time when you need to think for yourself, because in the final analysis you’re the only person you can rely on – but hey, that applies to all of us!

Virgo: You’re starting to realize what’s important, and what’s merely a waste of time.  You can therefore run your life much more efficiently, with particular reference to your career.  However don’t feel that you have to go it alone.  There are people out there who can be very useful, if you’re able to trust them.  But it’s important to exercise the right management skills – different individuals require different approachs.

Libra: Venus, your ruling planet, makes a powerful, 90-degree aspect to Uranus.  It’s difficult to relax.  There are lots of things going on, that don’t always make much sense, and you’re very keen to be part of them.  However your first impulse may not be the correct impulse.  You have to think carefully about what’s appropriate, and under no circumstances must you jump to conclusions.

Scorpio: Few things in life are simple, as every Scorpio knows.  You have to deal with other people and their problems, and also deal with the raw power of your own emotions.  However if you’re ready for anything, and you don’t make assumptions, you’ll soon enough get to grips with the situation.  At the end of the week you’re tempted to get nasty, perhaps because someone has been provoking you.  But is that really sensible?

Sagittarius: Independence is important, as every Sagittarian knows.  But sometimes you have to consider other people’s needs, even if it’s through gritted teeth.  Yet when you and someone else are on the same wavelength, things can really start happening, and I suppose it’s all about mutual respect.  The noisiest person on the block should probably be ignored.

Capricorn: At work you continue to be responsible, and you want to do the right thing.  However you don’t have as much control as you think you have, and in many cases it’s other people who are pulling the levers.  Yet it’s only a temporary situation, and soon enough things will return to normal.  Elsewhere, relationships take an interesting turn.  Just because something is undesirable doesn’t mean it’s unplanned.

Aquarius: What’s going to happen next?  You’d love to know, but really, the answers aren’t available – and the more you guess, the more confused you’ll become.   As the week progresses many Aquarians will feel a need to assert themselves, perhaps in an over the top and rather exaggerated way.    But is such action really necessary?  Probably not.

Pisces: You can feel something rushing past, all the time.  You maybe feel that you’re being left behind, and that time itself is following the line of least resistance.  However there is no need to panic.  You’re fine just as you are, and those that are in a hurry are the ones who are most likely to become unstuck.  When you’re good and ready, in a couple of weeks time, you can make your move.

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