Your Weekend Horoscope for June 1-2 2013

by Archie Dunlop on May 30, 2013

Marilyn Monroe

Gemini Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1 1926.

Aries: Wait for it! The weekend takes a long time to warm up, and it’s not until Sunday that you’re really and truly in your element. So on Saturday take it easy, and bide your time. On Sunday things really start moving, and you can assert the full power of your personality. A surprise event could change everything!

Taurus: On Saturday there are things to finish up, perhaps relating to your friends and associates.  It may or may not be pleasant, but it’s got to be done.  On Sunday don’t feel that you have to do anything.  Just be yourself, and allow things to develop.  Yet when you’re alone, doing nothing in particular, you might get a sudden inspiration for making money.

Gemini: On Saturday many Geminis will be thinking hard about the future, with particular emphasis on your career.  So it might be difficult to relax.  However if you’re working on Saturday, you’re likely to have a productive time.  On Sunday there’s a change.  You want to have fun, and your friends will be important.  A Sunday party, or get-together, could move in a very interesting direction.

Cancer: This weekend the Moon moves into Aries, and as a result there may be a sudden focus on your career.  One moment you’re dreaming, the next moment you’re thinking very hard about your next move.  But whatever that next move, it’s a good idea to keep it secret, at least in the first instance.

Leo: The Sun, your ruling planet, makes a favorable aspect to Uranus.  So this weekend you’re going to be very inspired, in an almost spiritual way.  It’s as if something is trying to communicate with you, and you’re being given a glimpse into the future.  If you fear nothing you can break new barriers, and start realizing your true potential.

Virgo: How close do you want to get to people?  Maybe you’re already close enough, and now might be the time to back off.  However if you do want to take things further, you have to be adequately prepared, and you must remember that whatever people say, they don’t change.

Libra: On Saturday you might feel a certain sense of disappointment – things just won’t turn out as expected and you may have to spend more time than expected doing routine tasks.  However on Sunday the pace starts to pick up, and with another person’s help you can have a great time.  Romance is a distinct possibility.

Scorpio: This weekend many Scorpios will be having a change of mind – because of an aspect between the Sun and Uranus.  It’s a change of mind that won’t be stressful – it will be a natural reaction, to the way events have been moving over the last few weeks.  And in most cases you’ll be comfortable that you are doing the right thing.

Sagittarius: After a bit of a wobble, you’re starting to reconnect with your fundamental self, though don’t feel that you have to do things on your own.  Once you team up with the right people, you’ll get to your destination very quickly.  The key to finding lasting love is free expression – so with that in mind, choose your partner carefully.

Capricorn: You’ve done your bit, and you can now sit back and watch the show.  There’ll be excitement, but that doesn’t mean that you have to join in.  Let other people have their fun, though don’t be surprised if they make fools of themselves.  Yet a small mess, not yet noticed, can be quietly tidied up.

Aquarius: This weekend the Sun aspects Uranus.  In the Aquarius daily horoscope the Sun rules the Seventh House, and is therefore connected with relationships.  So it’s possible that partners will spring a surprise – they might want to do something that you didn’t think was possible, in terms of your understanding of their personality.

Pisces: You know what you want, which is good.  You now have to work out how you are going to do it, and that’s not quite so easy.  You need to think about your available resources, with particularly emphasis on money.  Do you play safe, or do you stick your neck out?  There are no easy answers, especially if you’re in a hurry.

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