Your Daily Horoscope for Friday May 31 2013

by Archie Dunlop on May 30, 2013

Hangman's drop graph

On May 31 1962 Pisces war criminal Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Ramla, Israel.  Above is a graph of the drop table that was used by British hangmen from 1913 through to 1964, to avoid strangulation (drop too short) or decapitation (drop too long).  So if a person weighed 170 pounds, the drop would be about 73 inches, or 6 feet 1 inch.

Aries: Mars, your ruler, moves from Taurus to Gemini. Overall this is good news. Mars isn’t very happy in Taurus, and in Gemini it’s more positive and more outward-going. However be careful if you’re an Aries driver – you could be tempted to go too fast or to disregard the laws of the road. As always, texting while driving is a no-no!

Taurus: The people close to you are changing.  They are becoming less stubborn, and they are more willing to consider alternative strategies.  However no-one must be taken for granted, especially if they are older or more mature than you.  If, despite everything, someone refuses to change their mind, there might be a good reason for their attitude.

Gemini: Today you’re pretty sensible.  You realize that everything has its limits, and that enjoyment needs to be balanced with responsibility.  So work out what needs to be done, and do it without complaint.  In your career routine tasks may be boring, but they can also give a boost to your reputation.

Cancer: The Moon, your ruler, makes a wonderful aspect to Saturn.  As a result relationships can prosper, in many different ways.  And you and your partner will discover new ways of relating to each other.  If you’re single and lonesome, then someone who is serious and disciplined might be your perfect match.

Leo: Today you start coming down to earth, in a pleasant way.  There’s no need to go on adventures, and you’ll probably be happiest when you’re at home.   At the same time, you mustn’t disregard your feelings.  Right now they’re very powerful, and if you focus on one thing, to the exclusion of everything else, you can make an important discovery.

Virgo: The Moon is now in Pisces, your opposite sign.  You’re able to focus on other people and their needs, and if someone’s got a problem you can make a big difference to their life.  In this sense, your counselling skills are excellent, and a five minute chat can help dissolve someone’s misery.

Libra: A bit of financial reorganization could do you the world of good.  You can cut out activities that are costing money, but which are also giving you zero pleasure.  And you can find ways of buying the same products at cheaper prices.  It’s a good day to pay bills – you’ll feel a burden lifting from your back.

Scorpio: The Moon in Pisces makes a favorable aspect to Saturn in Scorpio.  You know how to get the balance right.  Being happy and creative, but also keeping a tight control over everything going on around you.  And through hard work and concentration you can create an artistic masterpiece.

Sagittarius: It’s not a very Sagittarian day.  You won’t function very well in crowded environments, and you’ll enjoy your own company.  OK, you might feel that you have to socialize, because of your nature, but Sagittarians need a break.  The two things that matter most are home and family.

Capricorn: It’s time to talk to partners and lovers – even if under normal circumstances you find conversation difficult.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is, and once you’ve cleared the air relationships will improve in many different ways.  If you’re looking for someone new, then a person who is emotional, who is quick to change their mind, is the kind of person you should be focusing on.

Aquarius: There’s something making you nervous, and you’re not quite sure what it is.  And maybe you don’t want to ask questions.  However once your explore the matter, and ask the right questions, you’ll realize that what you thought was a problem is actually an opportunity,

Pisces: You’ve got access to knowledge that other people would dearly like to have.  It’s knowledge that in the first instance should be kept to yourself.  At the same time, you’re in tune with your environment, because of the Moon’s presence in your star sign, and with the right moves you can create magical effects.

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