Your daily horoscope for Tuesday May 28 2013

by Archie Dunlop on May 27, 2013

Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, was born on May 28 1908.  Smoking makes Geminis feel alive - even if it kills them.

Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, was born on May 28 1908. Smoking makes Geminis feel alive – even if it kills them.

Aries: Other people are lucky for you, at least today they are.  So don’t feel that you have to be the lone ranger, and wherever possible enlist the support of friends and colleagues.  If you’ve got an idea, don’t be shy – you’re almost certain to get a sympathetic response.

Taurus: In your daily horoscope Venus, your ruling planet, makes a wonderful conjunction to Jupiter.  You’re on good form, and you’ll have more than your fair share of good luck.  When it comes to money, things could go either way.  You can make money, if you’re sensible, but you can lose money, if you’re stupid.

Gemini: The Universe is on your side – even if you don’t believe it.  Once you have aligned yourself to your destiny then everything will move your way.  However it’s important that you don’t have doubts, that you trust yourself to get it right.  In your social life it’s worth going the extra mile.

Cancer: Try to look at the world from another person’s point of view.  You’ll see an interesting dimension, that will allow you to react to outside events in a more constructive and helpful way.  Sometimes beauty and happiness can only be experienced when you’re completely alone.

Leo: You need other people’s approval – not in a psychological sense, but in a way that’s very practical.  So if there’s something you want to do, explain your plans, and your motives, and if necessary argue your case.  In most cases you’ll get your way, but if you have to compromise then so be it.

Virgo: Today you’re everyone’s favorite person, and in your working life you’ll be super-charismatic.  Indeed there are one or two people who are ready to eat out of your hand, so if there’s anything you want, you just have to task.  But while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Libra: Venus, your ruler, makes a conjunction to Jupiter, in Gemini.  Jupiter is the planet of good luck, so overall it should be a good day.  Though luck isn’t just about money and love.  It’s about finding your groove, and knowing  for sure that you’re on the right track.  Your spiritual purpose is right in front of you – open your eyes and find freedom!

Scorpio: Hang out with the right friends and everything will be fine.  Hang out with the wrong friends and life will be a misery.  But you’re a Scorpio, you’re a good judge of character, and you’ll know which people to trust.  Partners and lovers are in the mood for exaggeration.

Sagittarius: From a love point of view it should be a great day – after all Venus, the planet of love, is making a conjunction to Jupiter, your ruling planet.  You’ll have an effortless charm, and when you get close to the special person in your life the sparks of romance will start flying.

Capricorn: The strangest things can be pleasurable.  When you’re doing something utterly routine you’ll feel a certain Zen, that you’re aligning yourself with the cosmos, and creating order out of chaos.  In your career your attention to detail is noticed and appreciated, and will add to your already substantial reputation.

Aquarius: Karma is about creation.  Always creating, with everything we do.  And sometimes we’re confronted with the results of our actions, good or bad.  So today, look at what’s going on, with one eye on the past.  However all things being equal, you’re likely to be rewarded for your good deeds.

Pisces: Venus makes a conjunction to Jupiter, your ruling planet.  Your social skills are excellent, and when you meet someone for the first time you’re almost certain to make a good impression.  Elsewhere you have interesting ideas for decorating your home, but your ideas about taste and balance might be somewhat strange.

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