Daily horoscopes for Monday May 27 2013

by Archie Dunlop on May 26, 2013

Christopher Lee and Vincent Price

Horror film stars with the same birthday – Christopher Lee, May 27 1922, Vincent Price, May 27 1911.  They had similar heights – Christopher Lee is 6 foot 5, Vincent Price was 6 foot 4.

Aries: Career matters are taking center-stage.  You realize that good ideas on their own aren’t good enough, that at some stage you have  to put in the work.  At first it’ll be boring, and you’ll feel that your style is being cramped.  However once you get into the swing of it you’ll quickly move towards you goals.

Taurus: What matters to you?  Yes, money is import, but what else?  What is the overall direction?  You need to think about what you’re doing on the planet, and what your ultimate destination is.  In the process, you’ll have spiritual and philosophical inspirations.  Travel, with the right intentions, can be good for the soul.

Gemini: Today there’s a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, in your star sign.  This conjunction makes you lucky, and if there is something you want, then you can reach out and get it.  Relationships should prosper on all levels, and if you’re a single Gemini your clever words and sparkling wit can make all the difference.

Cancer: Focus on other people.  They can be very useful, and if you follow their advice you’re unlikely to go too far wrong.  Of course that doesn’t mean that you should blindly do what you’re told – you’ve got a brain and you need to us it.  When you’re alone, completely alone, you have a major inspiration.

Leo: It’s time to think about your hopes and wishes for the future.  They might seem faraway, but if you interact with your friends and colleagues you’l be given valuable advice.   Though don’t forget the here and now – you can enjoy yourself in many different ways, and if you go to a party you’re almost certain to have a good time.

Virgo: Mercury, your ruler, makes a conjunction to Jupiter, in the career sector of your solar chart.  I know it’s a holiday in the US and the UK, but that doesn’t mean you have to be lazy.  By thinking about your business strategy you can work out a powerful way forward.  A work-related meeting could have important consequences.

Libra: It’s a good idea to spend some time at home.  You’ll have a chance to relax, and to consider your options before hurling yourself into the storm of everyday life.  Nonetheless, by doing  something different, which is outside your normal experience, you could benefit in unexpected ways.

Scorpio: There’s a message that needs to be sent, perhaps relating to some material detail.  It’s a message that you don’t want to be bothered with, but once it’s out of the way you’ll feel a whole lot better.  Elsewhere incisive thinking about a complicated subject can boost your reputation.

Sagittarius: Relationships are really swinging, thanks to a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, in Gemini, your opposite sign.  There’s something about you that’s difficult to miss, and once you turn on the charm things will really start happening.  If love is what you want then love is what you’ll get.

Capricorn: The Moon is moving through your star sign.  You’re feeling at one with yourself, and at the same time partners and lovers have a great respect for you.  However it’s important that you express your opinions, and if someone’s making a mistake you need to tell them.

Aquarius: You can take a step back from the world and its problems, and consider your place in the universe.  In the past you haven’t had quite as much impact as you would have liked, but that’s OK – everything has a time and a place.  But don’t shut everyone out – someone wants to have fun, and you mustn’t be a spoil-sport.

Pisces: For most Pisceans it should be a happy and very relaxing day.  After all, there’s a fortunate conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, which takes place in a comfortable, low-profile sector of your solar chart.  Just be yourself, and share passing hours with friends, partners and lovers.  A good conversation gets things going.

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