Hades: planet of death, garbage and crime

by Archie Dunlop on June 3, 2010

Long ago, at the beginning of my astrological career, I was playing around with a system often known as ‘Uranian astrology’.  I was looking at a friend’s horoscope, and according to this system she was in imminent danger of being burgled.  So I picked up the phone and warned her.  Within an hour or two of my call, an intruder broke into her apartment, and it wasn’t me.

I suppose it’s called beginner’s luck – especially as the method I was using was on the face of it barking mad.

At this stage you’d probably like to know about Uranian astrology, if you don’t  already.  Well, it was developed in the early Twentieth Century, by a German astrologer called Alfred Witte.

During the First World War he was an officer in the German army, and he tried using astrology to work out the timing of Russian artillery barrages.  His attempts weren’t successful, and he reached the conclusion that the planets responsible hadn’t yet been discovered.  So he worked backwards.  Rather than using planets to predict events, he used events to track down where the mystery planets should be.

He came up with two planets, namely Cupid and Hades.  As the names suggest, Cupid is associated with love and attraction, while Hades is about death, garbage and crime.  These hypothetical planets move very slowly, having orbits beyond Neptune and Pluto.  After Hades, Witte ‘discovered’ two more planets, Zeus and Kronos.  And one of his co-workers discovered even more planets: Apollo, Admetus, Vulcanus and Poseidon.

Now it must be understood that these planets are hypothetical, and they don’t physically exist.  Indeed their orbits are circular, which contrasts with real planets, that have elliptical orbits.

As far as my prediction is concerned, I was using the planet Hades, and nothing else.  Logically my prediction makes no sense, because it was based on something that doesn’t exist.  Nonetheless I still have a soft spot for Hades, and even though I don’t use it in my work, I won’t dismiss it out of hand.

Which brings me to the question of what Hades is doing now.  It’s currently right at the end of Gemini, which means that in 2010 it’s being aspected, on and off, by Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

So assuming Hades works, we would expect its energy to be very strong.  The economic crisis that the world is experiencing could give opportunities to organised crime, and supposedly stable societies might be undermined by the actions of criminal syndicates.

There’s also the question of garbage, and we’re perhaps already seeing the power of Hades.  The BP oil spill is a real Hades event, with oil coming up from the bowels of the earth, and spreading all over the place through a gaping hole in the seabed.

Having said that, you probably don’t need Hades to explain what’s going on – after all, the known planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are doing a good enough job.  Still, it’s a fun planet to play with, that can occasionally knock you sideways with its unexpected accuracy.

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