Astrology, death and sex games

by Archie Dunlop on March 3, 2010

A celebrity has just died.  At least he was a celebrity in the UK.  His name was Kristian Digby, and he was a film maker and television presenter.  He was also one of the many people in the media who was able to capitalise on the nation’s obsession with real estate,  and his most famous show had the title To Buy or Not to Buy.

Kristian Digby was born on June 24 1977.  This date has been widely reported, and I’m comfortable using it.

Being a Cancerian, it’s not surprising that Kristian Digby had a flare for real estate.

The sign Cancer is associated with land and property.  It understands the importance of having a roof over its head, and it can also be very good with money.

However Cancerians often have powerful emotions, and occasionally the display of these emotions has unfortunate consequences.  In Kristian Digby’s case, he died at the age of thirty-two, from what appears to be a sex game gone wrong.

We don’t know all the details, but its seems likely that he asphyxiated himself.  Or to use the jargon, it was probably ‘auto-erotic asphyxiation’.  In other words the oxygen supply was deliberately cut off, as a way of heightening sexual pleasure.

Looking at Kristian Digby’s horoscope, we see a clear signature of sexual turmoil.  He had a conjunction between Venus and Mars, in the sign Taurus.  On its own this can be very fortunate.  It makes someone very attractive.  They know how to make friends, and in many cases we can see a powerful sexuality.

Yet there’s a problem.  In Kristian Digby’s horoscope both Venus and Mars were making stressful, ninety degree aspects to Saturn in Leo.  Indeed Saturn’s aspect was close to the Venus-Mars midpoint.

Sex was probably very important to Kristian Digby, but Saturn is the planet of restriction and frustration.  As some level he couldn’t express his sexuality (symbolised by the Venus-Mars conjunction), and we have an image of sexual energy being dammed up.

At this stage I can’t help thinking of Wilhelm Reich’s magnum opus, The Function of the Orgasm.  It’s a long time since I read this book, but Reich’s basic thesis was that having a good sex life is essential to human health, and as one might expect, orgasms play a crucial role.

To be more specific, Reich took the view that if someone’s sexual energy isn’t flowing properly, all sorts of physical and emotional problems are created.

Reich described the desperate measures that some of his clients went to in order to find sexual satisfaction, and he discussed the issue of masochism.  And I suspect he would have not regarded auto-erotic asphyxiation as being a mere ‘sex game’.  Instead it would have been a frantic attempt to release blocked sexual energy.

This brings us back to Kristian Digby’s horoscope and his Saturn being on the Venus-Mars midpoint.  It’s a configuration that probably represented a psychological wound, and I suspect if he’d been in some form of Reichian therapy, with an excellent psychoanalyst, he’d still be alive.

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