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Derek Chauvin details.

Derek Chauvin was the Minnesota police office who was charged with the third degree murder of George Floyd.  It was a death that happened in full view of the world.  The police had been called after George Floyd had been accused of making a purchase with a forged $20 note.  George Floyd was apprehended and handcuffed, and shortly afterwards he died.  It would seem from the video evidence that the cause of death was Chauvin kneeling on his throat, for a period of eight minutes or more.  This was in spite of the fact that bystanders were trying to intervene, and George Floyd was complaining that he couldn’t breathe.

Derek Chauvin’s behaviour was extraordinary by all accounts, and many people must be thinking what kind of person he is.  Well, we do know that while working for the Minneapolis Police Department eighteen complaints had been filed against him.  So he probably wasn’t an exemplary police officer.  Another thing we know is that he was born on March 19 1976.  At least that’s what the complaint sheet says.  The complaint sheet doesn’t say where he was born, or what time he was born, so we’ll assume a midday birth in Minneapolis.  If he was born somewhere completely different it won’t make much difference.  Here’s his horoscope:

Derek Chauvin's midday horoscope.

What stands out about the chart is that it has six of the seven traditional planets in Water signs: the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces, Mars and Saturn in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio.  When you have so much water you often have someone who is very subjective, who believe totally that they are in the right.  It is not a matter of the intellect, it is about the emotions.  And there is anger and stubborness when their view of the world is challenged.

You also have the image of immersion.  Chauvin may have immersed himself in the organizational culture of the Minneapolis Police Department.  He has understood it in a particular way, and it justified everything he did.  This may link specifically with his Pisces Sun – and he really is a Pisces, whatever time of day he was born.  Pisceans, more so than other sign, can immerse themselves in a view of world, to the extent where human rights and normal decency get thrown out of the window.  Robert Mugabe was a Pisces, as was Osama bin Laden.  And so were some of the worst Nazis: Josef Mengele (March 16), Adolf Eichmann (March 19) and Reinhard Heydrich (March 7).  That’s right, Derek Chauvin and Adolf Eichmann have the same birthday.  And today, May 31 2020, is the 58th anniversary of Eichmann’s execution.

If you’re into fixed stars, you’ll be interested to know that Chauvin’s Sun is exactly conjunct Scheat.  It is one of the worst stars in the book, at it is associated with shipwrecks and disasters.  According to Vivian Robson, Scheat “causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning”.

Another thing to notice is that Chauvin’s Sun is making a square to Mars.  This creates the potential for violence, and unusually, it is a Watery square, with the Sun in Pisces and Mars in Cancer.

This brings us to the Aries Point and its aspects.  These points are zero degrees of the cardinal signs and 15 degrees of the fixed signs.  The Aries point is about what you create in the world around you.  With his Mars square the Aries point, he has created violence and turmoil.  From a midpoint perspective, he has Aries on the Sun/Mars midpoint.  Witte and Lefeldt described this midpoint as “To be active in public”.  This is a horrible euphemism for the publicity of his actions and their consequences.

Finally, if you are into Witte’s hypothetical planets, Chauvin also has the Aries Point, as well as the Sun and Mars, on the Uranus/Hades midpoint.  We get the image of chaos, eruptions and death – the very events that followed George Floyd’s killing.  Witte and Lefeldt wrote of this midpoint “Unexpected events are taking a toll of life. Sudden murder”.


June 2020 astrology

Summer Solstice, Westminster, 2020For the last few weeks I have been too rational to think about astrology.  I was spending a lot of time tutoring psychology and statistics, and astrology didn’t seem relevant.  That’s the problem about being in two places at the same time.  It works, it doesn’t work, I believe it, I’m deluding myself.  Of course the reality is, that astrology works.  It works because it has to work, and if it doesn’t work we’re all doomed.  And of course we’re doomed anyway.

But if you’re interested, here are the month’s main events:

Ongoing: Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, separating Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

June 3: Venus-Mars square.

June 5: Full Moon eclipse at 16 Sagittarius.

June 17: Mars semisquare Uranus.

June 18: Mercury goes retrograde.

June 20: Summer Solstice.

June 21: New Moon eclipse at 0 Cancer.

June 23: Neptune goes retrograde.

June 25: Venus goes direct.

June 28: Mars enters Aries.

June 30: Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

Overall, I would have said that it was a busy month, and over the next few weeks I’ll be discussing the events in detail.  One thing we might observe is a break-up of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  The two planets are now moving further apart, and in some parts of the world there might be a feeling that we are returning to normal.  I know, a pretty obvious statement, given the fact that the lockdowns are coming to an end.

However, don’t be fooled.  The world has changed for ever.  Jupiter and Saturn will come back into aspect, and they will be conjunct at the end of December.  The ways of living and particularly working that have developed over the last few months are not going away.  And don’t for a moment believe that the world is going to magically recover.

At the beginning of June the planet Venus is in a terrible position.  It is retrograde, square Mars, and conjunct the Sun.  This means that activities of a Venusian nature should be avoided: new relationships, cosmetic surgery and buying supposedly beautiful objects.  What seems beautiful now may be a monstrosity in the light of day.  It goes without saying that tattoos and other forms of self-mutiliation should be given a wide berth.

The Full Moon on June 5 may have some impact on the US.  This is because the most widely used horoscope for the US has Sagittarius rising, and the Sagittarius Full Moon may bring things out into the open, in a fairly destructive way.  However, there a Sagittarius Full Moon every year, so it may not be such a big deal.

As we move into the middle of the month, the pressure starts to mount.  June 17 sees an explosive semi-square between Mars and Uranus, so avoid doing anything dangerous around this date.  Then we have Mercury going direct, swiftly followed by the Summer Solistic and a New Moon eclipse.  In fact, the Solstice pretty much happens on this eclipse. The chart of of the Solistice heads this article – it is set for 10.44 pm British Summer Time, in Westminster.  It is a new beginning, but in a tough way – there will be no room for compromise.  This is especially the case in the UK, where the Solstice chart sees a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, on the Ascendant.

There is something more disturbing about the chart.  The Sun, and therefore the Aries Point, are exactly 45 degrees from the Neptune-Hades midpoint, at 15 degrees Taurus:

Sun tree for Summer Solstice 2020.

The Neptune-Hades combination is about death and infectious disease, and this is strongly suggestive of a second wave of the coronavirus.  This is not specific to any location.  Witte and Lefeldt, in Rules for Planetary Pictures, associated AR = NE/HA with floods and tidal waves, and they described SU = NE/HA as “Weakening, danger of infection. Danger of destruction of the body. Danger in water. Death by drowning. Sea voyages”. Put another way, if you’re stupid enough to go on a summer holiday, avoid lakes, rivers, seas, oceans and swimming pools.

“The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on June 30 represents the principle of self-improvement, at any cost.  And perhaps we can apply this to ourselves.  If our lives aren’t good enough, if we’re wasting our talents, all of us get another chance to get the show back on the road.  It doesn’t matter how old we are, or how difficult the task.  We can do it.


Trump to lose in November

Trump promisesI am calling the November presidential election for the Democrats, on the assumption that Donald Trump is on the ticket on November 3.  Before anyone accuses me of making an obvious prediction, the current consensus is that Trump’s chances of winning are 50%.  If you’re a liberal you probably think that Trump is definitely going to lose, but that’s what you said in 2016.

In terms of my own prejudices, I am not an American citizen, but I live in the US.  I take the view that in terms of foreign policy there is an argument for supporting Trump over his Democrat opponents.  It was the Democrats and Hillary Clinton who further wrecked the Middle East, with their over-optimistic assessment of the Arab Spring.  Also, the Democrats’ attempts to interfere in the Ukraine were counterproductive. I believe that if we want a safe world, we need to respect Russia’s legitimate security needs.

Yet from an ethical perspective it is difficult to support Trump.  He is an environmental nightmare, and he seems to relish the anger that his environment-destroying policies cause.

Indeed, from a clinical perspective, his polices have a touch of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).  The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statisical Manual, Fifth Edition, has some guideliness on the diagnosis of ODD.  It gives eight categories, of which four have to be matched (p.462).  For example:

Often actively defies or refuses to comply with requests from authority figures or with rules.

Often deliberately annoys others.

Often blames others others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior.

Has been spiteful or vindictive at least twice within the past 6 months.

Trump is also doing his best to dismantle Obamacare.  While the Affordable Care Act might not be perfect, and it would be preferable if there was a single payer system, it is better than nothing.  So on balance I hope that Trump loses in November.

This is the subjectivity I bring to the question.  I then have to ask the question:

“Will Donald Trump get re-elected to the White House in November?”

I asked the question on May 6 2020, at 4:40 pm, in Lakewood, Washington State. Here’s the chart, using Regiomontanus cusps:

Will Trump win in November?

When looking at this kind of horary, one first looks at the querent.  That’s me, the astrologer.  Libra is rising, and I am therefore represented by Venus in Gemini in the Ninth House, in mutual reception to Mercury in Taurus.  I am the foreigner, and I am also strongly placed.  Furthermore, I am in the same sign as the North Node.  So I am not going to be hurt by the question, and my reputation is not going to suffer.

Then we have Donald Trump.  He is President of the United States, which means that he is ruler of the Tenth House.  Cancer is on the Tenth House cusp, so the primary ruler is the Moon in Scorpio in the Second House.  We might ,also consider Jupiter in Capricorn in the Fourth, because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.  Trump’s opponents are represent by the ruler of the Fourth, which is Saturn in Aquarius.

The Moon is in a terrible position.  It is in Scorpio, the sign of its fall, and it is moving towards an opposition with the Sun – in other words, the question was asked just before a Full Moon.  Furthermore, the Moon is in the Via Combusta.  This is the flaming path, between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio.  When the Moon is in the Via Combusta, things don’t go to plan, and there can be shocking events that change everything.  So something is likely to happen in the election campaign that no-one is expecting.

It is also important that the Moon is in the Second House.  This is the house of a nation’s finances, and relates to the US economy.  This is Trump’s concern.  Yet the Moon is moving to an opposition of the Sun in the Eighth House – this is the house of death, of national mortality and death statistics.  The Moon is at 10 25 Scorpio and the Sun is at 16 53 Taurus – in other words there is a six and a half degree separation between the two.  If one degree is one month, that takes us through to late November.  I know the election, on November 3, is just under six months away, timed from May 6, but it’s good enough.

So on the basis of Trump being the Moon, the picture doesn’t look good.  We could also take Trump as being Jupiter in Capricorn.  This makes sense, because traditionally Jupiter is the planet associated with the Republicans, while Saturn is associated with the Democrats.  Jupiter is fallen in Capricorn, and is in a sign ruled by Saturn.  And if we take the Tenth House as Trump, and the Fourth House as his opponents, then Jupiter in the Fourth means that Trump is “owned” by his enemies.

There are a few problems with the chart.  The Moon in the Via Combusta can mess with the result, though by the time it makes the opposition with the Sun it has moved out of this region.  Also, the planetary hour is the Moon, which does not accord with the Libra ascendant.  However, it is a minor stricture against judgement, and I predict that on the evening of January 20 2021, Donald Trump won’t be US President.  I am NOT making an predictions about who will be inaugurated in his place, because I didn’t ask about anyone else.


Advanced warning: July 5 2020 Full Moon Eclipse

Humana Fragilitas by Salvator RosaOn July 5 2020, at 5.44 am London time, there is an appulse eclipse of the Moon, when the Moon at 13 38 Capricorn will be exactly opposite the Sun at 13 38 Cancer.  The time of maximum obscuration is 5.30 am.  This eclipse could be a big deal for the United States.

In order to make sense of this eclipse, we have to understand the nineteen year Metonic cycle, where Full Moons repeat.

If we go back through the cycle, there was a partial eclipse on July 5 2001 at 13 39 Capricorn, a total eclipse on July 5 1982 at 13 degrees 55 Capricorn, and a partial eclipse on July 6 1963 at 14 6 Capricorn.  There was also an eclipse on July 6 1944.

The reason these eclipses are important for the US because they take place close to America’s birthday, on July 4, and therefore coincide with the nation’s solar return.  The position of the Sun on July 4 1776 was around 13 19 Cancer.

The partial eclipse on July 5 2001 has special poignancy for the US, because George Bush Junior, the president at the time, had July 6 as his birthday – so the eclipse hit both the US and its President.  So that explains why the year starting in early July 2001 was so traumatic, with the 911 attacks happening just over two months later.

I would not have said that in 1982 anything partiuclarly dramatic happened, but the 1963 eclipse was forewarning of Kennedy’s assassination on November 22 of that year.  The 1944 eclipse could probably be linked with the death of Roosevelt on April 12 1945.

We now have the eclipse on July 5 2020.  It may be a damp squib, like the July 5 1982 eclipse.  However, we do know that the US is at grave risk.  The economy is shot to pieces as a result of COVID-19, and many say that the country is coming out of lockdown far too early.  And it may be that Independence Day, the day before the eclipse, is a day when many Americans become infected.

Indeed, the country is experiencing a psychological disconnect.  A highly contagious disease has hit the country, yet much of the country is in denial about its true nature.  There have been lockdowns, but they haven’t been for long enough.  And people are coming out of the lockdowns not because the disease has been conquered, but because they need to get back to work.  It is as if there is some popular perception that the strength of the economic need will make the problem go away.

But maybe America just needs to get its priorities right.  The main thing is that Trump gets elected, and this means getting the economy and the stock market sorted out.  A few people might die, but that’s a small price to pay.

Dulce et decorum est pro Donaldo mori.



Donald Trump COVID-19 statementsBy and large, Western leaders make sensible comments.  We might not agree with what they say, but there is an underlying logic.  However, when you are dealing with Donald Trump, there’s a problem.  He sometimes says things that are nonsense.  For example, he recently discussed the possibility that light, heat and disinfectant might be cures for coronavirus.  He even suggested that it might be appropriate to inject the body with disinfectant.

You can kind of understand the logic.  If coronavirus is on a surface, for example a kitchen countertop, it can be destroyed very quickly with bleach, or maybe a UV lamp.  You can therefore apply this to the body… get the bleach or the heat or the light into the body, and you’ve got a cure.  Yes, if I have coronavirus, and I spend a few milliseconds on the Sun’s surface, I’ll be cured.

This makes me wonder how Donald Trump’s brain works.  I assume that unlike Ronald Reagan, he is not suffering from early-stage dementia.  But be seems to be unable to grasp basic scientific principles.  It is as if he hasn’t thought the matter through, or done any intelligent Googling.  And furthermore, when communicating, he doesn’t seem to realize how stupid he sounds.

Now it may be that it is a deliberate and very clever act.  He might know that many of his supporters are as thick as two short planks, and they don’t want to be patronized by smart ass intellectuals.  We saw this in the 1980 presidential debates, when Jimmy Carter was up against Ronald Reagan.  The two candidates were discussing healthcare, and Carter described the idea of a national health insurance, as a way of dealing with the inequalities in the American health system.  Reagan was smirking throughout Carter’s earnest and intelligent speech, and then responded with four words, which won him the debate and possibly the Presidency: “There you go again”.

I don’t think we can credit Donald Trump with such deliberation and guile, even if his cluelessness helps shore up his base.  Instead we can probably see it in terms of scrambled signals.  He is suffering from information overload, and from a cognitive perspective, there may be problems with the way he represents information.  Compare a neatly ordered library with a huge pile of random books.  Donald knew that disinfectant and light could destroy the virus, but he got the context confused.

In terms of astrology, how do we see this?  In  the West the planet Mercury is connected with communications and the intellect.  In Vedic astrology the Moon is also linked with mental functioning.  To keep it simple I’ll focus on Mercury.  Here is Trump’s horoscope:

Trump horoscope

The Western astrologer would want to see evidence that Trump’s Mercury is weak.  From the perspective of traditional astrology, it is weak.  It is in the ninth degree of Cancer, and therefore has no essential dignity.  Furthermore, it is in later degrees than the Sun, meaning that it is an evening rather than a morning star.  The evening star Mercury functions best in night-time charts, and in day-time charts it is  happiest below the horizon.  Trump’s Mercury is above the horizon.

Looking at aspects, Mercury is at 8 degrees 52 minutes Cancer, Neptune at 5 degrees 41 Libra.  So Trump has a square between Mercury and Neptune.  Mercury and Neptune do not make major aspects to any other planet in his chart.

Mercury and Neptune squares can be associated with confused thinking, or getting the wrong idea about something.  They can also be about muddled communication.  On the plus side, Neptune may allow Trump to have a fleeting understanding of popular trends, in a glitzy kind of way.

But what makes the Mercury-Neptune square really bad is the fact that by aspect it is unconnected to the rest of the chart.  It is an autonomous subsystem.  Mercury speaks without knowing what it is doing.  Also, Mercury’s position in Cancer may suggest that Trump’s thought processes are overly subjective, and given everything else, can’t be treated as being discerning or analytical.

One might then ask how a man with such a large intellectual deficit has become President.  We shouldn’t get too attached to people as individuals.  Trump is simply a reflection of America, a country where one person’s ignorance is just as valid as another person’s knowledge.  Besides, the rest of Trump’s horoscope is incredibly dynamic, easily enough to have propelled him into the White House.


Pressure cooker New Moon on Thursday April 23 2020

Nuclear cloud forming

On Thursday April 23, at 3.26 am London time there is a New Moon.  It is a New Moon that is obvious, in the sense that its underlying message is no different from what we can see with our own eyes.  Right now, everyone is sick of the lock-down, and protests are forming. The images that we see on the news channels, particularly in state capitals across the US, are well described by the New Moon. The chart below is the New Moon set for London:

New Moon on April 23 2020

I have included Alfred Witte’s hypothetical planets in the chart, because I think they may provide some useful information.

The New Moon is at 3 degrees 24 minutes Taurus, and it is conjunct Uranus at 6 degrees 24 minutes Taurus and square Saturn at 1 degrees 42 minutes Aquarius.  This means that the New Moon makes a 45 degree aspect to the Saturn-Uranus midpoint, which is at 19 degrees and 3 minutes Pisces.

The New Moon is triggering the Saturn-Uranus square, which becomes exact in February of next year.  The principle of the Saturn-Uranus square is tension – you have two energies that don’t like to share the same space.  Uranus wants to be free, Saturn wants to restrict.  In mythology Uranus was the father of Saturn, and it was Saturn who castrated him.  This perhaps gives meaning to the Saturn-Uranus square: Saturn wants to disempower the rebellious spirit of Uranus.  Yet it’s a battle, and the New Moon on April 23 is right in the middle of it.  People want their freedom, and the government is trying to hold things together.

We can conceptualize the New Moon as a situation where no-one is prepared to compromise – especially as both Saturn and Uranus are in fixed signs.  I am reminded of Langston Hughes’ famous 1950s poem “Harlem“, which speculates on what happens if a dream gets deferred.  “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” or “stink like rotten meat?”…. or “Or does it explode?”  Of course Langston Hughes’ poem is normally associated with the civil rights movement, not the temporary inconvenience of an essential lock down.  Nonetheless, we have the image of a pressure cooker, and with the New Moon making a close semi-square to the Saturn-Uranus midpoint we might indeed get an explosion.

From a midpoint perspective, this is the New Moon’s 45 degree midpoint structure:

AP = SU/AP = MO/AP = MA/ZE = SU = SU/MO = MO = ME/MA = UR/VU

I have thrown some hypothetical planets into the equation – Apollon, Zeus and Vulcanus.  The New Moon is exactly opposite Apollon, and this does create the possibility of creative excellence.  It is a great time for music and the arts, and if you try to be creative while the world bubbles over you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.  Yet the fact that the New Moon aspects the Mars/Zeus and Uranus/Vulcanus midpoints is worrying.  The Mars-Zeus combination is often associated with firearms, and Uranus/Vulcanus is about the exercise of massive power.  I am therefore thinking that the New Moon is going to cause civil disturbance, with violence.

If I had to choose the countries and regions that are going to be most effected by the New Moon, I would go for Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Kurdistan, Eastern Turkey, Eastern Ukraine and Russia.  These are the regions where the New Moon take place at around sunrise on April 23.  But arguably astrology is just confirming what we already know.  Saudi Arabia, for example, is seeing its economy hammered by a collapsing oil price.  It might also be relevant that Ramadan probably starts on the evening of April 23.  However,  the astrology adds poignancy and violence to the situation.  The pressure cooker is going critical.



Astrology for the week starting on Monday April 20 2020

Adolf HitlerThe Sun is now in Taurus.  Ten years ago, I wrong an article titled “Is Taurus the nastiest sign of the Zodiac”?  Over the years, it has been the article that has got the most hits.  The article was written tongue in cheek, but I think there is evidence that some Taureans display a peculiar kind of nastiness.  They don’t forget, and they can be dedicated to homicidal  causes.  Adolf Hiter, born on April 20 1889, was notorious for his vengefulness.  In the last months of the Second World War, as the Third Reich was collapsing in on itself, he made sure sure that many of his imprisoned political enemies were executed.  I am not going to survive this, and neither are you.

At the beginning of the week, as the Sun moves through the first degrees of Taurus, we can expect some frustration.  This is because the Sun is making a stressful, 90-degree aspect to Saturn.  It will be difficult to make our presence felt, and at the same time other people are going to be incredibly stubborn.  They will be sticking to their principles, regardless of the cost.  And don’t forget, just because someone has principles doesn’t mean they’re a nice person.  Ask Adolf.

Also this week, Venus in Gemini is desperatly trying to make a favourable, 120 aspect to Mars in Aquarius.  This aspect never happens, because Venus is slowing down, in preparation for the retrograde portion of its cycle, which starts on May 13.  This aspect has sexual and romantic connotations, and is suggestive of two people trying to engage with each other.  Because the aspect never completes, there is great disappointment.  So if you’ve got romantic plans, be realistic – you can get very close to the achievement of your desires, but be blocked at the last moment.  If you want to play Sun sign astrology, the signs most at risk of this scenario are Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio.

Though probably the biggest event of the week is a New Moon, on Thurday April 23.  This New Moon is a pressure cooker, and could result in explosive events.  I’ll discuss this lunation in my next post.


NumbersOn December 21 2020 there is a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, in the first degree of Aquarius.  This means that we’re about to enter a period of time, lasting 20 years, when the sign Aquarius is going to reign supreme.  We already have a feel of this conjunction, as Jupiter and Saturn move closer together, as Saturn flits between late Capricorn and early Aquarius.  But it won’t be until the end of the year that we get the full blast.

The author and futurologist H.G. Wells made a connection between archaeology and predicting the future.  One thinks of archaeology as being the understanding of long-dead civilizations through unearthing their relics.  But maybe it works both ways.  We can see the relics of the future in the present day.  If we understand these relics, and put them together into a wider picture, we can look ahead, years, decades, even centuries.

But for now I am only looking ahead twenty years.  And I don’t think you need any special astrological or mystical skills to think about what is going to happen next.  Look at what is happening right now, as the world languishes in lock down:

  1. The internet is achieving its full potential.  People are running their lives online.  Socializing, shopping and learning, with personal contacts kept to a minimum.
  2. The decline of the celebrity.  In the age of COVID-19 the heroes are the people working in essential services, not sports stars and the Kardashians.
  3. Government is rampant, even in the United States.  People are looking to their governments for salvation.

All this is happening before the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  The conjunction itself will actualize the trends.  If we want to understand the  conjunction, we need to think of the sign it takes place in.  Aquarius, the sign that is opposite Leo.  It is anti-Leo.

What’s the sign Leo about?  Me, the centre of the universe.  Look at me, look at how wonderful I am.  Aquarius is everything that Leo is not.

Let’s now look back at the last Jupiter-Saturn cycle, that started in May 2000, with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late Taurus.  I remember the Summer of 2000.  In the UK, it was launch of Big Brother, when Reality TV became mainstream.  People had cell phones, but they were for making telephone calls and sending text messages.  We could therefore see the seeds of a trend.

Jump ten years to 2010, and we are halfway through the Jupiter-Saturn cycle.  This is the Full Moon stage of the cycle, where we start to see the full picture.  Phones are becoming smart.  Social media is taking off.  Reality TV is everywhere.  We all have the potential of being a star.   As we move beyond 2010, the image of the new decade becomes a prostitute preening in front of her cell phone and success is measured by Instagram likes and Youtube followers.

But we are now transitioning into a twenty year period where the individual is going to be less important.  Twenty years of Aquarius, twenty years of anti-Leo.  Celebrity for celebrity’s sake will be hard to achieve, and the collective will become more important than the individual.

This was of course already happening, but in a way that most of us could probably ignore.  A bit like the internet in the late 1990s. From 2010 one of the big trends in technology was big data, with its concept that you can predict individual behavior from collective datasets.  From the end of 2020 onwards we need to accept that most of us are going to be statistics, that our individuality doesn’t matter any more.

Aquarius has a clear association with technology.  This makes sense.  It is anti-Leo.  The individual against the machine.  Over the next twenty years articifical intelligence will start reaching its full potential, and we’ll see AI control our world in the same way that the internet controls it now.  This absolutely requires governments to manage every aspect of the economy, because otherwise AI will lead to mass unemployment.

Talking about the economy, let’s think back to 1990.  This was the halfway stage of the 1980 to 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle.  This was the time when the internet started to make its presence felt.  Jump forward to the the current cycle, and the halfway year was 2010.  One thing that started in this year was Bitcoin.  No-one knows where Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies are going, especially as the bottom has fallen out of the crypto market.  Like it fell out of the NASDAQ, with the dot com collapse in 2000.  Yet many internet companies roared back, and many cryptocurrencies will do the same.

Crytpocurrencies aren’t done.  In fact, they haven’t even started.  One of the hallmarks of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that starts at the end of 2020 will be an explosion in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.  They are something that is high-tech and very Aquarian, and in the first few years of the new decade we are likely to see cryptos hitting new highs.  That doesn’t mean that Bitcoin will remain the top dog.  It could be something else… Ethereum, Litecoin, NANO, Ripple, IOTA, or something that is still being developed.  This means that one of the main features of the next twenty years will be a desperate attempt by all-embracing governments to control the monetary system.  It is a battle they probably can’t win.



Astrology for the week starting on Monday April 13 2020

Trump April 12 lunar returnThis week there aren’t any dramatic astrological events.  So it is probably going to be more of the same.  There are, nonetheless, going to be some loud voices – Mercury, the planet of communication, is moving into Aries.  Many of us are going to have a lot to shout about, but we have to ask ourselves whether it is useful to be angry.  Matters aren’t helped by a stressful aspect between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn, which is exact on Wednesday April 15.  This creates excessive and exaggerated behaviour.

While many people will be influenced by the Sun-Jupiter aspect, it may have a big effect on Donald Trump.  The aspect is in the 26th degree of Cardinal signs, and Trump’s Venus is in the 26th degree of Venus.  We may not see the full picture, but behind closed door the President might go emotionally over the top, and his relationship with women could be tempestuous.  It would also be interesting to know what was going on with his finances.  If I was advising him, I would tell him not to over-react.

The chart above is the lunar return of Donald Trump, for April 12 2020.  As Donald Trump is the US President, then it could be argued that it is also the lunar return of the United States.  The lunar return is in many respects quite good.  The Moon is in the Tenth House, making a trine to the Sun in Aries.  It is therefore an opportunity for Trump to appear presidential.  Perhaps there will be a feeling that America is out of the woods, and that things can only get better.  But I suppose in every good horror film there are moments of relief, where everything seems fine.


Notes on the horoscope of Boris Johnson

Boris JohnsonCOVID-19 is a global tragedy.  As I explained in a recent article on the Titanic, when you have a large group of people dying, you can’t expect the individual horoscope to always indicate the killing event.  After all, the action is taking place on a collective rather than individual level.  However, in terms of Boris Johnson, he is special, because he is Britain’s leader, and to a great extent, what happens to Boris happens to Britain.  If Boris dies, it will affect Britain’s destiny.  Or rather, Boris’ death would be a reflection of this destiny.

In this article I am going to look at some predictive methods.  There is a group of methods that attempts to summarize a period of time.  For example, the solar return, a chart cast for the moment the Sun returns to the place it was when someone was born.  Or the annual profection, where a planet rules each year of life.  For these two approaches, you would regard the period between Boris’ 55th birthday, on June 19 2019, and his 56th birthday, on June 19 2020, as being the operational period.  This is problematic, because up until COVID-19, things were going well for Boris.  He had become leader of the Conservative Party, had won a general election, and was doing a good job wresting Britain from the clutches of the European Union.

Here’s Boris’ natal chart, set for 2.00 pm on June 19 1965 in New York:

Boris Johnson horoscope

Before looking at the solar return, I want to mention a few interesting features of the chart, which may have relevance to Boris’  current situation.

When you are looking at the horoscope of someone with national prominence, it is always a good idea to look at the Aries point, and planets making an eight-series aspect to it.  The eight-series aspects are 0 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 135 degrees.  Boris has Venus, Jupiter and Neptune making these aspects.

Someone who has Jupiter and Venus on the Aries point is going to be popular, and will present an optimistic image to the world at large.  Neptune, by contrast, brings a touch of delusion.  Boris was perhaps over-optimistic about the possibilities of Britain making a success of Brexit, and also naive in his government’s first attempts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Britain, for example, locked down much later than other European countries.

Neptune is also the COVID-19 virus itself.  Invisible, deceptive, sometimes deadly.  And Boris, with Neptune aspecting the Aries point, is personifying to the world what the virus can do.  He is very ill in hospital, and according to some reports he is fighting for his life.

Moving to the solar return, it is set for his last birthday, June 19 2019.  I use the place of Boris’ birth, and I don’t use precession:

Boris Johnson - 2019 Solar Return

On a trivial level, we notice that in the solar return the Sun is in the Sixth House of illness.  After the event, that makes perfect sense, but one in twelve solar returns will have the Sun in the Sixth.  We also notice that the Midheaven of the solar return is zero degrees 28 Scorpio – in other words, bang on Boris’ natal Moon at zero degrees 36 Scorpio.  I think this tells us about his political success, rather than his illness.

Yet what really grabs me about the solar return is the Mars-Saturn opposition, across the  First and Seventh Houses.  It is true that many people born in late June would have this aspect in their solar return.  However, we do have a repeated theme.  Boris, in his natal chart, has Mars in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces.  This makes him sensitive to Mars-Saturn aspects, even if these aspects aren’t making any transits to his natal chart.  It is worth noting that not long before Boris went to hospital, on March 31 2020, there was a conjunction in the sky between Mars and Saturn.

On the subject of repeated themes, Bobby Kennedy, brother of JFK, had Mars exactly on his Seventh House cusp in his natal chart.   Mars was also on the cusp of his Seventh House in his 1967 solar return, which immediately preceeded his 1968 assassination.  However, the repeated theme in Boris’ solar return is not on the same level.

If you’re interested, here is Bobby Kennedy’s natal chart (November 20 1925, 3.11 pm, Brookline MA):

Bobby Kennedy horoscope

The Mars in Scorpio on the Seventh House cusp represent the potential to be assassinated.  It doesn’t mean it will happen.  The unprecessed solar return for 1967, also set for Brookline, brings this potential to the fore, with Mars again on the Seventh House cusp:

Bobby Kennedy SR 1967

Another technique that desribes a whole year is the annual profection.  This is a technique that has become popular in the last decade or so, and I do find it to be accurate.  The idea of the technique is that you treat the sign of the Ascendant as the first year of life, and go round the signs, using a primitive Equal House system.  Boris has Libra rising, so Libra and the First House represent his first year of life, Scorpio and the Second House his second year.

This means that Boris, in his 56th year, is in a period of time covered by Taurus and the Eighth House.  Yes, the Eighth House is the house of death, but everyone is covered by this house between their 55th and 56th birthdays.  So we need more detail, and we get this by looking at the ruler of Taurus, which is Venus in Gemini.  His Venus is in bad shape, for a number of reasons.  It is retrograde, it is applying to a conjunction of the Sun, and it is totally out of sect.  I say it is out of sect because Venus is a nocturnal, femine planet, that is above the horizon in a day time chart, and is in Gemini, which is a masculine sign.

Once could say that it is not surprising that Boris is having such a bad time, with Venus as his year ruler.  Yet he has had Venus as his year ruler many times before in his life and survived.  Furthermore, Venus’ rulership of the year didn’t stop him becoming Prime Minister.  Which begs the question, why is this time different?

In terms of primary directions, Boris is experiencing a lot of semi-square aspects.  Using the Ptolemy method, which takes a degree for a year, in July 2019 Boris had mundane Venus making a semi-square to his Sun, and in May 2020 he will have mundane Sun making a semi-square to his Venus.  With primaries I am fairly flexible on orbs, and the May 2020 aspect could easily be operational in the previous month or two.  In other words, the Sun is damaging his Venus, made more important by the fact that he has a Sun-Venus conjunction in his horoscope.

Finally, there is the lunar return.  Boris’ next lunar return is on April 8 2020.  Here is the return chart, set for New York:

Boris Johnson Lunar Return April 8 2020

I think we can see a moment of crisis.  The Moon is applying to square aspects with Mars and Saturn.  Furthermore, the Sun and Venus are making an exact semi-square, repeating the theme from the primary directions.  I say crisis.  I am not making a prediction.  April 8 is also the day of a Full Moon, which has a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the Ascendant, when set for London.

Having said all this, a visitor to this site left a comment, asking me a simple and heartfelt question: “What happens to Boris?”  I started addressing the question at 9.18 am on Monday April 6, in Lakewood, Washington State:

What happens to Boris?

The querent is asking about the British Prime Minister.  I therefore take Boris as the Tenth House, with Aquarius on the cusp, and its ruler, Saturn.  If we turn the chart, then Saturn is in the Twefth House from the Tenth House, and the Twelfth House rules institutions and hospitals.  The Moon is in the Eighth House from the Tenth House.  This represents what the question is really about.  The querent might have asked “What happens to Boris?”, but actually they were asking whether he’ll die.

Saturn is in its own sign, of Aquarius.  It is also in an Air sign in a day time chart, meaning that it rules the Airy triplicity.  Malefic Mars is separating from Saturn.  This means that Saturn has fundamental strength.  The Moon is void of course – it has made its last aspect before leaving the sign.  In my experience, the void Moon is bad for good and good for bad.  If you ask whether you’ll get a job, the void Moon will say no, if you ask whether you have a serious illness the answer will also be no.  So on the basis of this horary, I would have said that Boris won’t die.