Benjamin Disraeli and Ted CruzI’m going to make a suggestion.  That Ted Cruz is the reincarnation of Benjamin Disraeli.

Ted Cruz is a Republican senator from Texas, who is famous for his filibuster, relating to Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  He has become a de facto leader of the Republican right, who are currently moving heaven and earth to disrupt Obamacare, to the extent of shutting down the Federal government, through the House of Representative’s refusal to raise the debt ceiling.

On the surface Benjamin Disraeli was a very different kind of politician.  He was British Prime Minister in the mid to late Nineteenth Century, and he was revered for his “One Nation” conservatism – completely the opposite to what Ted Cruz appears to stand for.  One Nation conservatism is about closing the gap between rich and poor, and in the context of the Nineteenth Century, it was about giving more people the vote and passing legislation to improve the living and working conditions of ordinary workers.

However Benjamin Disraeli’s career wasn’t just about wisdom and statesmanship.  It was also about vicious, self-serving politicking.

In 1846, when Disraeli was in his 40s, British politics was in complete disarray, because of a huge argument about some legislation known as the Corn Laws.

The Corn Laws were a set of tariffs, imposed on imported corn, that were designed to protect domestic producers.  The Conservative government, led by Robert Peel, decided to repeal the Corn Laws.  One reason for the repeal was the general principle of free trade; another was to reduce the cost of food, particularly in light of the Great Famine in Ireland, which started in 1845.

Disraeli apparently wasn’t bothered by the starving millions in Ireland, and neither was he interested in party unity.  Indeed he went against the leadership of his party, and vociferously opposed the repeal of the Corn Laws.  Partly as a result of his actions, the Conservative Party split, and the next time a Conservative Prime Minister was in power, with a parliamentary majority, was twenty-eight years later, in 1874.  And this Prime Minister was none other than a sixty-nine year old Benjamin Disraeli.

So it seems that Benjamin Disraeli and Ted Cruz potentially have a few things in commons.  Benjamin Disraeli helped split his party, and denied them the possibility of effective government for a very long period of time.  Ted Cruz so far hasn’t split the Republicans, but he is trying very hard.  The Tea Party and the right of the party might think he’s wonderful, but some traditional, establishment-orientated Republicans are getting seriously annoyed with him.

Although Benjamin Disraeli was born in London, his grandfather was a Sephardic Jew, who had emigrated from Italy.  So in the context of Nineteenth Century England, Benjamin Disraeli had to make a special effort to be accepted by the system.  Likewise with Ted Cruz.  His family on his father’s side are from Cuba, and he was born in Canada.  He might therefore feel an extra need to take action to demonstrate his all-American credentials, action which included his very public renunciation of any claim to Canadian citizenship.

Disraeli was born in 1804.  So when he helped split his party in 1846 he was forty-two years old.  Ted Cruz was born in 1970, which mean that right now, as he puts the splitting-knife into his own party, he is a year older, at forty-three.

We then come to birthdays.  Disraeli was born on December 21, so his Sun was in the last degree of Sagittarius.  Ted Cruz was born on December 22, which means his Sun is in the first degree of Capricorn.

This is interesting.  Some astrologers talk about the evolution of the soul, through the twelve star signs.  I don’t normally buy this idea, but in this instance we have the concept of a soul evolving from the last degree of one sign to the first degree of the next.  Now it might seem the Disraeli was a much more talented and interesting person than Cruz, but that might just be prejudice.  As a fallible human, a million miles from Nirvana, who am I to judge?  Besides, Ted Cruz, for all his flaws, has a first class legal mind.

We now come to the question of whether or not history will repeat itself.  If Ted Cruz really is the reincarnation of Benjamin Disraeli, will he destroy his party for a generation, and then reinvent himself as a moderate – and in the process win the 2032 or 2036 Presidential Election, when he is in his sixties?

I’m not sure if history repeats itself.  Perhaps at an unconscious level Ted Cruz is living out Benjamin Disraeli’s script, and his Karma is to discover that it no longer works.


John D Rockefeller

Cancer John D Rockefeller was born on July 8 1839. Canny Cancerians like collecting money.

Aries: There’s something you like doing, that’s almost become a matter of habit.  However is it really a good idea?  There is an element of risk, albeit very small, and one day the odds could turn against you.  Something, or someone, who seems cute and cuddly, could turn out to have a nasty streak.  In your love life try to plan ahead, and make allowances for all possibilities, however unlikely.  Sometimes it’s OK to be selfish – as every Aries knows!

Taurus: This week it’s important to get your priorities right.  Something you think is important is actually of little concern, while a subject that seems of minor significance could almost be a matter of life and death.  In your love life don’t take things at face value.  Focus on the small gestures, underlying the big words.  And remember, not everyone tells the truth, and some people lie for the fun of it.

Gemini: You’ve got some free time on your hands, and it’s tempting to twiddle your thumbs and watch the clouds go by.  However free time exists for a purpose.  You can fine-tune your act, and make sure that your knowledge-base is second to none.  It might be boring, but by strengthening your strengths and boosting your weak-spots you’ll be putting yourself on the fast-track to success.  Someone wants to talk about money – don’t change the subject!

Cancer: Jupiter’s presence in your star sign is increasingly hard to miss, especially if you’re born in June.  You’re starting to realize that there are many possibilities, and that with the right moves you can achieve pretty much whatever you want.  However don’t be impatient.  Achieve one task, then move on to the next.  And when it comes to money, only buy the things that you need right this moment.  Cancerians like hording, but there are limits!

Leo: You just want to get on with it, and you don’t want to worry about the world and its problems.  However it’s unlikely that you’re going to be left alone.  There’ll be trivial demands on your time and energy, which soon build up.  For your part, take a relaxed attitude, and don’t allow yourself to get annoyed.  Nonetheless, the most important things in life can only be discovered on your own, and in this sense solitude can be a real blessing.

Virgo: There’s no disgrace in a change of mind.  You haven’t got all the answers, and new information is coming in all the time.  So at regular intervals you need to review the situation, and be ready to revamp your strategy.  Other people might complain, but they haven’t got the whole picture.  If you stick to your guns, and you trust your intuition, your approach will eventually be vindicated.  In terms of romance, avoid making commitments.

Libra: Don’t slack off!  There’s work to be done, the sooner the better!  You might think that you haven’t got what it takes, but once you swing into action you’ll be surprised at what you achieve.  And don’t be afraid to get outside help – your persuasive skills are at the top of the range.  If you’re looking for a new job you’ve got qualities that are much in demand, and if you ask around you’ll find the right slot for yourself.

Scorpio: The world’s not perfect, as you know very well.  However that doesn’t mean you should give up on things.  Your own little corner is the place to start, and by making things better in your immediate environment you’ll be setting a good example.  OK, in the first instance you might be ignored, but soon enough you’ll get the attention you deserve.  By reaching out to a distant land you could in some strange way connect to your destiny.

Sagittarius: You’ve got responsibilities, as well you know, and the sooner you meet them the better.  So this week look around you, and ask yourself what needs to be done.  You might prefer to enjoy yourself, but can you really enjoy yourself with a guilty conscience?  Yet once your various responsibilities are out of the way, you’ll be faced with a brand new situation, which could be both exciting and profitable.

Capricorn: It’s time to think very hard about other people.  You need to understand what’s going through their minds, and you must be able to anticipate their next moves.  It’s going to take some work, but once you’re able to anticipate someone’s actions you’ll be in a very strong position.  Partners and lovers are demanding, but if you are looking at things from their point of view you’ll probably realize that they’re in the right.

Aquarius: You haven’t got all the energy in the world – there are limits to what you can do, and you need to respect that.  So decide what matters, and leave the rest for later.  On a different note, be careful what you eat.  You’re possibly more sensitive than usual, and the wrong foods could mess you up.  This means that you should avoid eating things that are unusual.  In your love life it’s not a time for changing your routine.

Pisces: Is it enough to have natural talent?  Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.  And what you have to do is ask yourself whether you’ve got what it takes, and if necessary you must be ready to do some extra work.  A few hours a day of practice can make all the difference.  Elsewhere romance is swinging, and if you meet someone you like, just be yourself and everything else should run smoothly.  Of course, a bit of confidence goes a long way!


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