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Amy Coney BarrettAmy Comey Barrett is Donald Trump’s pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a Supreme Court justice.  Barrett is a religious conservative, and progressives are worried that her appointment will move the court to the right, perhaps for a generation.  From a non-American perspective, these concerns seems absurd.  A judge is supposed to be impartial, and their political views should have nothing to do with their judgements.  Yet America is a Cancerian country, born on the fourth of July, and it’s therefore ridden with subjectivity.

As far as Barrett’s horoscope is concerned (see above), she was born on January 28 1972, making her an Aquarius.  Assuming that she is appointed, which at this stage seems certain, she will be the third Supreme Court justice with an Aquarius Sun – Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts are also Aquarians. She will  share her Cancer Moon with Brett Kavanaugh, meaning that both these justices will have the Sun in Aquaris and the Moon in Cancer.  It should also be noted that Justice Clarence Thomas has the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Aquarius.

It is interesting that Donald Trump’s last two picks to the Court had the same Sun and Moon signs. In 2018 I posted about Brett Kavanaugh’s horoscope.  This is the chart:

Brett Kavanaugh horoscope

I wrote the following about Kavanaugh’s horoscope: “The first thing to note about the chart is that there are three planets in Aquarius: the Sun, Mercury and Venus.  Aquarius is a sign that is widely misunderstood.  It is common to describe it as being ideallistic and future-oriented, and this is because some astrologers have erroneously associated it with the planet Uranus.  You also have the hype about the Age of Aquarius, that’s created an overly optimistic view.  The reality of Aquarius is that it’s ruled by the planet Saturn.  It’s about the positive aspects of limitation – creating structures to enshrine a rigid world-view.  Such structure may be useful, as in the case of Aquarian Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, or it can be downright evil, as was seen by Nazi Germany, an Aquarian organization which came into being on January 30 1933”.

There can be a superiority to Aquarius, and this reminds us that Aquarius’ opposite sign is Leo.  Leo represents the shadow, and Aquarius, through its claims of objectivity, is marking out how special it is.  But in the case of Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coley Barrett there is another problem.  They have the Moon in Cancer.  Cancer is a completely different energy to Aquarius.  It is emotional and often traditional, looking to the past rather than the future.  Furthermore, it tends to be subjective, and finds it difficult to separate its thinking and feeling.  On a historical note, Roland Freisler, Nazi Germany’s top judge, who sent the Scholl siblings to the guillotine, had the Moon in Cancer in mutual reception to Jupiter in Taurus.

We therefore shouldn’t be fooled by the academic veneer that Kavanaugh and Amy Coley Barrett present.  Their Suns in Aquarius are weak, Aquarius being the sign of the Sun’s detriment.  And their Moons are in Cancer, the sign of its rulership.  In Kavanaugh’s case the Moon is doubly strong, because it is in mutural reception by exaltation with Jupiter in Taurus, as was the case with Roland Freisler.  The engine of Kavanaugh and Barrett’s personalties is the Moon in Cancer.  Utterly subjective, with their legal judgements being twisted by ideological prejudice.

The ideological bias can also be understood in terms of Jupiter.  Kavanaugh has a strong Jupiter, as I have already discussed, and so does Barrett – she has Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign of its rulership.  Jupiter has two sides.  It is the great benefic, but it is also very sure that its vision of the world is correct.  Furthermore, Jupiter is the planet of religion.  William Lilly described the downside of Jupiter as “Hypocritically Religious, Tenacious, and stiffe in maintaining false Tenents in Religion…” (sic).  And given what we know of Barrett’s associations with a fringe religious group, one must doubt whether she will be able to adhere to the fundamental tenet of church-state separation, that one “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 20:21).

Amy Coley Barrett’s Jupiter is interesting for another reason.  It is poorly integrated into her horoscope.  Its trine with Mars in Aries has a wide orb, and the quincunx with Saturn is a minor aspect.  Jupiter is the planet of religion, is the planet of God.  Barrett’s God is something that may not be properly integrated into her being.  Sometimes her God is there and sometimes He is not.  And sometimes Barrett is controlled, even possessed by her God, and other times she is an ordinary, secular human being.  In this light, we should remember that one of the activities of the religious group she has been associated with is speaking in tongues.  And if my analysis is correct, God, or more likely some disembodied psychological projection, could intervene in her judgements at any time. This means that she is probably not a suitable candidate to be a Supreme Court justice.


Mid-October 2020 – the excitement and the horror

Donald Trump on the White House balcony.In 2016 W.B. Yeats’ poem The Second Coming was often quoted.  It described a world that was falling part, where “the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…”. And at the end of poem we get the famous prophecy:

The darkness drops again; but now I know   
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,   
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,   
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

The rough beast is compared with Donald Trump.  He is the saviour, born in the stable of Reality TV, who can create a new dawn for America.  And his brush with COVID reminds us of the beast mentioned in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 13, Verse 3:

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Of course Trump is not the beast from the B0ok of Revelations, and it is still too early to tell whether he has beaten COVID.  But the imagery is disturbing.

As far as  mid-October is concerned, here are some of the major astrological events:

October 13: Sun opposition Mars
October 14: Mercury goes retrograde
October 15: Sun sesquiquadrate the Mars/Saturn midpoint
October 16: New Moon
October 18: Sun square Mars

Each event on its own doesn’t count for much, but taken together we get an explosive situation, which gravitates around the New Moon on October 16.  Mars and Saturn are already in square aspect with each other, and the Sun, by aspecting both, helps focus the energy.  Mercury going retrograde close to the New Moon creates further uncertainty, with the markets likely to show considerable instability.  Here’s the chart of the New Moon, set for Washington DC:

October 16 2020 New Moon.

We can see that the Moon at 24 Libra makes an opposition aspect to Mars in Aries, and this in turn is squared by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  I think it likely that this New Moon is going to hit Donald Trump hard, whether in terms of his health, reputation or political fortunes.  Yes, things are bad, but they could get a lot worse.  Have a look at Trump’s natal chart:

Trump horoscope

We can see that the New Moon at 24 Libra makes an exact square to Trump’s Saturn at 24 Cancer.  Furthermore, at the time of the New Moon Saturn at 26 Capricorn is making an opposition to Trump’s Venus at 26 Cancer. This aspect has been operational for a long time, but the New Moon brings it into focus one more time.  Matters are made even more difficult by the involvement of the hypothetical planet Hades, which is making an exact sesquiquadrate to Saturn, and therefore making an exact semisqure to his natal Venus. Women, sleaze, money, whatever.

For Trump personally, the pressure is going to mount, and his fortunes will in all likelihood move from bad to worse.  In terms of the US in general, we have to remember that Trump IS America, because Americans chose him as their president.  America will continue to be torn up by death, division and COVID.

However, we don’t want to be totally focused on the US.  The middle of October isn’t just bad for America, it is also bad for the world.  It is a time of conflict and tension, and some places are going to be worse affected than others.  Matters might not be helped by the fact that America will be perceived as being preoccupied by COVID and elections.

One part of the world that we already know is problematic is the Caucasus, with Azerbaijan threatening the territorial integrity of the ethnic-Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh.  Most Americans don’t know where this is, though Kim Kardashian, with her South Californian Armenian roots, has been trying to raise awareness.  As she tweeted on September 27, “Armenia has been the victim of unprovoked attacks by Azerbaijan & the predictable disinformation campaign that accompanies them. Azerbaijan is blocking social media except for war propaganda”.

This is the New Moon set for Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh:

October 16 2020 New Moon set for Stepanakert.

The Ascendant is at 22 39 Cancer, opposition Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  That is suggestive of enemy action.  Also, the Sun-Mars opposition is square the Ascendant.  Matters are further complicated by the fact that the Jupiter-Saturn midpoint is opposition the Ascendant, and the Mars-Saturn midpoint is making an 135 degree aspect.  We get the following midpoing tree:


The energy of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, that is exact on December 21, is being picked up by Pluto.  The Mars-Saturn aspect is a pairing relating to death and destruction.  And the Ascendant indicates an area of particular vulnerability, which is the Caucasus.  This is an area that we really need to focus on, particularly as there is already a conflict in the region.

What more can I say?  Be careful, be vigilant and pay close attention to Kim Kardashian’s tweets.

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Taxes and the horoscope of the first Trump-Biden debate

September 29 debateThere are only a few days left in September.  The planet Mercury is now in Scorpio, and this means that our thought processes may become darker and more subterranean.  Rather than discuss our plans openly, we’ll want to do it behind closed doors.  And sometimes our thoughts will be so unpleasant that we won’t want to talk about them.  On the plus side, there will be serious thinking, and mysteries and problems can be solved.

On Monday or Tuesday the planet Saturn comes to a standstill, from the Earth’s point of view.  It happens when Saturn is at 25 degrees 20 minutes Capricorn.  Now that’s interesting, because at the moment of its standstill Mars will be at 25 degrees 31 Aries.  In other words, there will be an exact Mars-Saturn square on Tuesday September 29.  As I have said on previous occasions, this is a really difficult time, and the emphasis will be on death and destruction.  It is not a time, for example, that you want to have a presidential debate.

Yet on September 29 2020, at 9 pm in Cleveland, Ohio, we have the first Presidential debate.  The chart at the top of this article is set for the beginning of this debate. We can see a conjunction between the Moon and Neptune, in Pisces. This suggests that the debate will be a confusing event, with plenty of scope for obscuring the truth.  It is also worth noting that the Midheaven is zero degrees 21 Aquarius – the degree of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21 2020.  In fact, the conjunction takes place at 0 29 Aquarius.  This means that the debate is somewhat symbolic of the changes that will be taking place in America over the next year or two.

However, it may be that the debate doesn’t matter – it simply coincides with the Mars-Saturn square.  This square is nasty, and as I have mentioned in previous articles, it hits Donald Trump’s natal Venus.  Venus is not just the planet of women, it is also the planet of money, and it is significant that information about his tax returns has come out just as the Mars-Saturn aspect became exact.  Regardless of whether Trump wins or loses the debate, the Mars-Saturn aspect shows us that the damage has been done.

At this stage, I want to revisit a horary question I asked in early May.  The question was “Will Donald Trump get re-elected to the White House in November?”.  Here’s the chart:

Will Trump win in November?

Donald Trump is signified by the Moon, as ruler of the Tenth House of leadership. The Moon is placed in Scorpio, and is moving to an opposition of the Sun.  I took this as a clear sign that he was going to lose in November, assuming he stood.  The Sun was in the Second House, which I took as the nation’s finances.  However, with the latest news it seems that his finances, and his tax returns, have a bearing on the situation, and will contribute to his downfall.


Diana Rigg, 1973.On September 10 2020 Diana Rigg died.  If you’re nostalgic for the 1960s, this was a big deal.  As Emma Peel in The Avengers she was iconic, the face of a long-gone era.  She also played Teresa di Vicenzo, in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  At the end of the film Teresa married James Bond, and a few hours later she was gunned down, still in her wedding dress.

Arguably Diana Rigg, through Teresa’s on-screen death, was acting out her horoscope.  If I want to know about the kind of relationship someone has with death, I look at their Mars-Saturn midpoint.  In her natal chart Diana Rigg had the hypothetical planet Cupido square her Mars-Saturn midpoint.  Cupido is the planet of love and marriage, and what better image for Cupido on the Mars-Saturn midpoint than a bride with a bullet wound in her forehead.  Interestingly John F. Kennedy also had Cupido on the Mars-Saturn midpoint – the aspect was  a semisquare.  This tells us something about his real-life death – he was shot in the head sitting next to his wife in full view of the public.

But I am digressing.  I want to talke about Diana Rigg’s real death.  It is a post hoc analysis, in relation to her lunar return – the time every month when the Moon returns to the place it was at birth.  I am not claiming that it would have been possible to predict her passing, particularly if one didn’t know that she had terminal cancer.  Rather, I am going through the exercise of seeing if there was anything in Diana Rigg’s September 5 2020 lunar return that pointed to imminent death.

Diana Rigg was born on July 20 1938, at 2 am, in the Yorkshire town of Doncaster.  Here’s her horoscope:

Diana Rigg horoscope

It is a tough chart, with two major conjunctions: the Sun conjunct Mars and Pluto in Cancer, and the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aries.  Maybe she lived out these conjunctions through her stage and screen roles, but overall her chart suggests an uncompromising person, who didn’t spend too long thinking through the pros and cons of a particular action.  You might also expect the two conjunctions to be in some way connected with her death, and this is suggested by her solar arc directions, set for September 10 2020.  Her solar arc directed Mars was at 17 41 Libra, directly oppostion her natal Saturn at 17 57 Aries.  In fact, solar arc Mars was opposition her Saturn-Hades midpoint, which was at 17 45 Aries.

Alfred Witte and Hermann Lefeldt, in their Rules for Planetary Pictures, wrote as follows about Mars on the Saturn-Hades midpoint: “The health suffers through the work. Death as a result of long illness or by a weapon. Sad death. To be exploited”. The description is broadly appropriate, though I don’t know if her death was particularly sad.  She was 82 and had lived a very full life.

Let’s now look at her lunar return, set for September 5 2020.  I take the location as being the place of her birth, not the place of her residence:

Diana Rigg's September 5 2020 lunar return.

The Ascendant is at 15 degrees 6 minutes Sagittarius.  It is exactly opposite Diana Rigg’s natal Ascendant, at 16 50 Gemini.  Seventeenth Century astrologer John Gadbury, when reviewing the solar returns of Charles I, remarked that the switching of the Ascendant and Descendant signs in a return is an unfortunate signature.

The Moon in the lunar return is exactly conjunct the IC – in other words, right at the bottom of the chart.  This the end of the matter, the person disappearing from view.  We also note that the Moon is applying to a square of Saturn, and is widely conjunct Mars.  This repeats the signature of her natal chart, where she had the  Moon conjunction Saturn and widely square Mars.  It is also worth noting that in the lunar return the Moon is five degrees from the square with Saturn, and Diana Rigg died just under five days afterwards. There is another link.  In her natal chart the Moon is 7 degrees and 15 minutes short of a square with Mars.  In the lunar return, the Moon is 7 degrees and 7 minuntes short of a conjunction with Mars.

I am not suggesting that lunar return are always worth doing.  In my experience, they can be hit and miss.  However in the case of Diana Rigg her September 5 2020 lunar had a powerful resonance with her death.


Mid-September 2020: Trump, astrology and women

Guardian Amy Dorris storyOn September 2 2020 there was a Full Moon, which occurred at the same time as an opposition aspect between Venus and Saturn.  In an earlier article, I took the view that this Full Moon could be bad news for Donald Trump.  The Venus-Saturn opposition was hitting his Venus-Saturn conjunction and this suggested problems with women. I wrote:

We might therefore expect Donald to have Venus-Saturn experiences around the time of the Full Moon.  Some of which may never become public.  He may have problems with women and he may behave badly towards them.  He will be particularly vulnerable to revelations about past behavior, relating to women, money or both.  If Donald has behaved sleazily in the past, his sleaze might bubble to the surface.  Put another way, if anyone has got any revelation to make about Trump, now is the perfect time to bring it out into the open – it would cause maximum damage.

Generally one can expect the impact of a Full Moon to be a fortnight, though Saturn, in late Capricorn, is opposition Trump’s Venus through September and October.  To put some numbers and positions on this, his birth Venus is at 25 degrees 44 minutes Cancer, and transitting Saturn started September at 25 58 Capricorn and ends October at 26 13 of the sign.

On September 17, the  day of a New Moon, The Guardian came out with a story that Amy Dorris, a former model, had been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump at a tennis match in September 1997.  This kind of story is exactly what I was expecting, with Saturn transitting his Venus.  Of course sceptics might argue that in the run up to the election it was inevitable that women would be crawling out of the woodwork with claims of sexual impropriety.  After all, we are dealing with Donald Trump.  Yet he does have a conjunction between Venus and Saturn in his natal chart, and he is extraordinarilly vulnerable to attacks from women.  It started with his niece Mary, and with the Saturn transit I am expecting more women to step forward.

As far as Amy Dorris is concerned, she was born on October 1 1972.  Here is her chart, set for midday:

Amy Dorris horoscope

We can set that again Trump’s chart:

Trump horoscope

When you look at Donald Trump and Amy Dorris’ charts, the first thing you notice is the conjunction between Venus and Mars.  Donald Trump’s Mars is at 26 47 Leo, Amy Dorris’ Venus at around 26 Leo.  In other words, they are closely conjunct.  In standard astrology, this conjunction relates to a physical attraction, and according to Amy Dorris’ account, Trump found her very appealing.  As the Guardian reported, “He just shoved his tongue down my throat and I was pushing him off. And then that’s when his grip became tighter and his hands were very gropey and all over my butt, my breasts, my back, everything”.

But we do need to remember that Venus-Mars contacts are often one way affairs.  Mars is the planet of male sexuality, and Donald Trump’s Mars is conjunct Amy Dorris’ Venus.  Something about her as a woman may have excited  and aroused him.  On the other hand, Venus might have experienced Mars as something aggressive, and perhaps also course and gross.  Particularly as Amy Dorris went to the tennis match with her boyfriend.

There is another, important connection between Donald Trump and Amy Dorris’ charts, and it relates to her Saturn, at 20 36 Gemini.  This Saturn is exactly conjunct Donald’s north node, and it is also conjunct his Sun and opposition his Moon.  Saturn is the planet of Karma, and having to face the consequences of one’s actions.  Saturn also blocks and restricts, which may say something about the way Amy Dorris claimed to have responded to Donald Trump’s alleged advances.  Overall, it may be the case that the Saturn link-ups will be significant, in terms of damaging Trump’s electoral chances.

Finally, let’s look at the chart for September 5 1997:

Alleged assault.

I don’t have exact times for the event, or indeed for Amy Dorris’ birth.  So I am not going to spend too long looking for a match up between Amy Dorris and the events of September 5 1997.  Indeed, I am going to look at just one thing, her Venus-Mars midpoint. Its position is approximately 13 degrees 10 minutes Virgo. At the time of the alleged assault, Neptune at 27 28 Capricorn was relatively close to making an 135 degree aspect to this midpoint. But it wasn’t exact – the full force of the contact would have been earlier in the year.  Nonetheless, it was a time when she was susceptible to unusual sexual experiences.  We then notice that on September 5 the Sun was at 13 Virgo – in other words, it was exactly on her Venus-Mars midpoint.  That was the trigger for her alleged encounter with Donald.

We can get further details about Amy Dorris’ Venus-Mars midpoint by considering any planets that might have been aspecting it at the time of her birth.  She has the hypothetical planet Zeus at 13 degrees Virgo, bang on the midpoint.  In Greek mythology Zeus was known for ravaging young women who caught his fancy, in sudden and dramatic ways.  And on September 5 1997 the Sun was exactly conjunct her Zeus… and Donald Trump allegedly chose that day to do a poor impression of a Greek god.  An alternative interpretation of Zeus on the Venus-Mars midpoint was provided by Witte and Lefeldt, in Rules for Planetary Pictures: “Intimate acquaintance or relationship with leading people”. Whatever you think of him, Donald Trump is a leading person.

One final point.  On September 5 1997 Venus was at 23 Libra, opposition Saturn at 19 Aries.  That’s not surprising, is it?


Jupiter, Saturn, Kim Kardashian, Jade Goody and Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian by Eva RenaldiI know virtually nothing about the Kardashians, except that they are a rich American family, who have made a lot of money from reality TV.  The most famous Kardashian is apparently called Kim, and she was born on October 21 1980, at 10.46 am in Los Angeles.  Here is her horoscope:

Kim Kardashian's horoscope

It’s appropriate that Kim Kardashian has the Sun in Libra.  This is a very sociable placement, though it can sometimes lack depth – skimming along the surface, moving from one social interaction to another.  But what really stands out is her Jupiter.  It is at 28 degrees 52 minutes Virgo, exactly on the Midheaven.  It is conjunct Saturn, which is at 3 degrees 41 Libra.

Jupiter is in Virgo, the sign of its detriment.  People with Jupiter in Virgo sometimes miss the big picture – they can be ambitious and forward-looking just for the sake of it, and can perhaps get side-tracked by material details.  Yet Jupiter is a benefic, and it is right on the Midheaven.  So there  was never any reason why she couldn’t be successful.

Having said all that, it may be that Saturn is the real key to Kim Kardashian’s success.  Her Saturn is in Libra, the sign of its exaltation.  Furthermore, it is a daytime planet in a day time chart about the horizon.  It is also a masculine planet in a masculine sign.  Her Saturn is therefore very strong, and is signfies someone who knows what it takes to be successful.

In terms of this article, what I really want to focus on is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  Forty years ago, in the early 1980s, there was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, in Libra.  From a geocentric perspective, the conjunction happened three times: December 31 1980, March 4 1981 and July 24 1981.  However, it was operational from October 1980 through to September 1981.

Those born at the time of the 1980 to 1981 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction were in their late teens in the year 2000.  For reality TV it was an important year, at least in the United Kingdom.  The first series of the UK Big Brother launched on July 14 2000, just two months after another Jupiter Saturn conjunction, which took place on May 28 2000.  This underlines the point that Jupiter and Saturn have a 20 year cycle – every 20 years the two planets form a conjunction.  And if you’re born close to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, like Kim Kardashian, you may be very sensitive to the cycle.  An extreme example of this sensitivity was the singer John Lennon. He was born in 1940, a few months after a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. He became famous in the wake of the 1961 conjunction, and he was murdered a few weeks before the 1980 conjunction.

The May 28 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction marked the beginning of a 20 year cycle, ending on December 21 2020.  As we now know, the internet, social media and reality TV have been important features of this cycle.  There is the idea that anyone can be a star, and that you can be famous just because you are famous.  An ordinary person can be on reality TV, or have their own Youtube channel, and can be catapulted to stardom. At least that’s the theory.

In a UK context, the most famous and enduring reality TV star was Jade Goody.  OK, people might not have heard of her now, but fifteen years ago she was major.  An ordinary working class girl, she came second in the 2002 series of Big Brother.  Part of her selling point was her guileless ignorance – for example thinking that Saddam Hussein was a boxer.  And she seemed to demonstrate that anyone, regardless of background or education, could become a star.

Jade Goodie was a Gemini, born on June 5 1981. Another Jupiter-Saturn baby, with her Jupiter and Saturn respectively at 0 33 and 3 0 Libra.  Her story was inspirational but also tragic, and she lived and died in the spotlight.  While on Celebrity Big Brother 5, in 2007, she made racist remarks about another contestant, from India.  In 2008, as a kind of redemption, she appeared on the Indian version of Big Brother, Bigg Boss, and during the show she found out that she had cancer of the cervix.  It soon emerged that the cancer was terminal and she married her boyfriend in February 2009, a month before her death, in a very public ceremony.  OK! magazine paid around £700,000 for access to the wedding, and produced a Jade Goody tribute edition.

The day Jade Goody died, March 22 2009, Jupiter and Saturn were exactly 150 degrees apart.  This underlines the fact that Jade Goody’s life was strongly associated with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle.  The conjunction brought her huge success, and the 150 degree aspect symbolized her death.  The cameras were still running and the whole of the UK knew what was going on – the tribute edition of OK! came out while Jade Goody was still alive but nonetheless had her dates, 1981 to 2009, on the front cover.

Paris Hilton is another person born in 1981. To be precise, she was born on February 17 1981, at 2.30 am in New York.  The horoscope is below:

Paris Hilton's horoscope

Paris Hilton, like Jade Goody, was a big star in the first decade of the Twentieth Century, and reality TV was part of her portfolio.  Of  course she was helped by her family connection with Hilton Hotels.  Yet her fame had a lot to do with the fact that she was famous. And if you compare Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s horoscopes, there are some interesting similaries.  Both have Sagittarius rising – Kim Kardashian’s ascendant is at 13 44 of the sign, Paris Hilton’s at 15 49. And they both have a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the Midheaven.  In fact, Paris Hilton has a super-close conjunction, with her Jupiter and Saturn being only 30 minutes apart.

Another thing Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have in common is that they both have the Sun conjunct the Venus-Mars midpoint.  In Paris Hilton’s case the conjunction is within 78 minutes, in Kim Kardashian’s case 17 minutes.  The immediate interpretation of this aspect is “sex appeal”, or perhaps making effective use of one’s sexuality.  In this light, the two women have a shared experience.  In 2003 a tape of Paris Hilton having sex was released, and in 2007 the same thing happened to Kim Kardashian.  In terms of their careers, it didn’t do them any harm.

However, things are changing.  The Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started in May 2000 finishes on December 21 2020, when the two planets form a conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius.  The rules are going to change and the old strategies for success are unlikely to be successful.  It seems that Kim Kardashian anticipates this, at least on an unconscious level.  It has been announced that her family’s show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, is coming to an end in 2021.  The show itself started on October 14 2007, when the Sun was in Libra, and it has therefore had a thirteen year run. This is the approximate chart of the first show – I don’t know the time or the place:

Keep up... horoscope

The Libra Sun tells us that the show is about style and appearance, and the close Venus-Saturn conjunction is about something tighty controlled and choreographed.  It also reminds us that the show is about making money.  Jupiter is at 16 Sagittarius, close to Kim Kardashian’s ascendant, at 13 44 Sagittarius.  It was a lucky time for her!

Yet the zeitgeist is shifting.  Reality TV, and the social media culture, is about to end – at least as we know it.  In December 2020 the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happens, in the sign Aquarius. As I mentioned in a previous article, Aquarius is the anti-Leo.  It is a sign ruled by Saturn, and it is antithetical to the concept of being famous for the sake of being famous.  If you want to be famous, there has to be a reason. Indeed, the question will be asked, “why are you more special than me?”. Or put another way, style will have to give way to substance.

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Brief notes on Mars going retrograde

The planet Mars.
On Wednesday September 9 at 11.23 pm British Summer Time Mars went retrograde.  This means, from the Earth’s perspective, that it is moving backwards.  It stays retrograde until November 14, at 0.35 am GMT.

Traditionally there are certain things you are not supposed to do when Mars is retrograde.  As Mars is a planet connected with sex and passion, you’re not supposed to consummate a relationship while it’s retrograde.  If you did, it would in someway jinx the relationship’s future.  Also, you should never take aggressive action during this period.  So avoid initiating lawsuits, fights and wars.

Retrogrades can also be seen in terms of intensity.  I think it was the astrologer Stephen Arroyo who used the analogy of a candle flame to describe the impact of retrogrades.  A planet’s regular motion is likely passing your finger through the flame.  Your finger keeps moving, and there’s warmth without pain.  However, when a planet goes stationary retrograde or direct it is as if your finger has stopped, in the middle of the flame.  You certainly feel it!

Mars went retrograde at 28 8 Aries, in square aspect to Saturn at 25 40 Capricorn.  Mars makes the exact aspect to Saturn on September 29, and the aspect remains strong through to mid-October.  This means that the finger is in the Mars-Saturn squre for a long time.  It is a time of extreme negativity, when our thoughts will be focused on death and destruction.  Whether Mars is retrograde or not doesn’t matter – it’s moving slowly, and that’s enough.  We’re not living in a good times, and mid-October is particularly horrible.  But that’s another story.

It is probably worth noting that the Mars-Saturn square on September 29 makes a direct hit on Donald Trump’s Venus in Cancer.  His Venus has been under a lot of pressure recently, and there have been some seriously damaging revelations about his attitudes and thought processes.  We should expect more revelations about his past, which might well have a sexual nature.


Bitcoin: its correlations with other assets

Bitcoin: 2013-2020As I write the markets are crashing.  The Dow Jones is down, gold and silver are down, and Bitcoin has been smashed.  I suppose that was something to do with the Full Moon at the beginning of the week, which coincided with a Venus-Saturn opposition.  That makes sense.  Venus is the planet of money, and a hard aspect with Saturn is going to lead to financial losses.

However, I don’t want to get too hung up with astrology.  There are other ways of looking at the world.  And with reference to Bitcoin, we need to consider how it relates to other financial assets.  One way of doing this is with correlation.  When two assets go up one-for-one with each other, they have a perfect correlation, of 1.  But when one goes up and the other goes down, in inverse lock-step, the correlation is -1.  Looking at Bitcoin since April 2013, we can see the following correlations:

Asset correlations

Over the last seven and a half years Bitcoin has a correlation of .87 with the Standand and Poor, which is the most important measure of the US stock market.  As the stock market goes up, so does Bitcoin.  There is also a positive correlation with GLD, the gold ETF, of .56.  The correlation with the Dollar Index is weaker, at .30, and with SLV, the silver ETF, it is slightly negative, at -.18.

I should say that in an ideal world I should have taken the spot prices for silver and gold, rather than their ETF surrogates.  However, they are a pretty good match, even counting for the small shrinkages caused by managment fees.

If we take these correlations at face value, we might argue that Bitcoin is a risk-on asset.  It goes up as the markets go up, and it is not averse to a strong dollar.  Yet correlations can be treacherous, and they can quickly break down.  You can see this in the graph of the 100-day correlation between Bitcoin and the Standard & Poor:

Bitcoin S&P correlation

At the end of 2019 the 100-day correlation was almost -.75, with Bitcoin and the S & P moving in opposite directions.  By early September 2020, the correlation was sky-high, at .86.  This correlation may hold, as it did through 2017, but it might break down.  This is possibly what many Bitcoin bulls are hoping for.  They want Bitcoin to be regarded as a safe-haven asset, that investors will run to in times of crisis.  The broad correlation since 2013 suggests this is not the case, but in the markets correlations can change very quickly.

Another asset that apparently has a big influence on the price of Bitcoin is the Dollar.  Over the last few months Bitcoin has been seen as an anti-Dollar asset, along with gold and silver.  So many investors have been buying Bitcoin out of fear rather than greed.  They see it as a safe-haven asset, that can protect them from inflation and a collapsing dollar.   This has been reflected in a developing negative 100-day correlation between Bitcoin and the Dollar Index:

BTC_DXY 100 day correlation

The 100-day correlation between Bitcoin and the Dollar Index started 2020 at .28, and peaked at the beginning of March at .58.  Then the markets crashed, including Bitcoin.  Everyone took refuge in the dollar, and the inverse correlation was established.  Then as Bitcoin recovered from its lows the Dollar started falling.  The fall continued, with investors worrying that the Federal Reserve was going to print the Dollar into oblivion.

And here’s Bitcoin’s correlation with the gold ETF:

BTC-GLD correlation

Since the beginning of 2019 the correlation has been increasing, perhaps as people started seeing Bitcoin as digital gold.  With the silver ETF, it is only in 2020 that the two assets have really connected, and by September 2 the correlation was .88:

BTC-SLV 100-day correlation

We now move to a more complex analysis, namely multiple regression.  This involves looking at how a range of assets impact Bitcoin.  The predictor assets are the Standard and Poor, the Dollar Index and the gold and silver ETFs.  Here’s the standardized regression table:

BTC regression (standardized)

All four predictor variables have a significant impact on Bitcoin, though the absolute betas (see the estimate column) are particularly high for the Standard and Poor and the Dollar Index.  The overall model accounts for 81% of the variance in the Bitcoin price.  It all seems straighforward, doesn’t it?

It is true that regressions and correlations are part of the standard fare of financial analysis.  They are a good way of proving a point, and they are difficult to argue with.  Unfortuntely, there is a problem.  One of the assumptions of regression and correlation is that every data point is independent, and doesn’t influence other data points.  If I randomly select 20 American school children, and correlate their math and English scores, I can be reasonably confident that the scores of one child are not influencing another child’s.  However, when you are dealing with asset prices there is a high level of dependence.  The price of Bitcoin today is going to have an influence on what it is tomorrow.  And if you use regression to predict the price of bitcoin, the difference between the predicted price and the actual price can be similar for days and weeks at a time.

I can take the regression model of Bitcoin, using the four predictors, and compare the predicted price with the error.  If the data points are independent, rather than feeding on each other, one would expect the graph to be an unpatterned mess.  Instead we get this:

BTC residuals

It looks rather like a witch’s hat.  Patterns all over the place, and a clear sign that there is something wrong with the regression. We can visualize these residuals in another way, using time on the x axis:

BTC residuals, time on the x axis.

For a linear regression the residuals, or the errors, should not be behaving like this, and we therefore need to make an adustment, to deal with the autocorrelation of the errors.  So we’ll use the Cochrane-Orcutt adjustment.  This gives us the following standardized regression table:

BTC, Cochrane-Orcutt regression

In the unadjusted regression 81% of the variance is explained by the Standard and Poor, the Dollar, gold and silver.  After we adjust for autocorrelation, it crashes to 3%.  Yes, the Standard and Poor and gold have a statistically signficant impact on the price of Bitcoin, but the effect is tiny.  Probably not even worth bothering with.  Yes, there will be times when particular assets move with or against Bitcoin, but that doesn’t help when it comes to understanding what actually moves it.

Having said that, correlations come and go, and I have been looking at the time period from 2013 onwards.  If we narrow down the  data, to this year, 2020, we get a stronger set of relationships.  Here is the Cochrane-Orcutt table for 2020:

BTC Cochrane-Orcutt, 2020

For this model, over 37% of the variance is explained, and again we see that the Standard and Poor and gold are the factors with the influence.  The Dollar Index and silver play no signficant role.  You might nonetheless think that in 2020 the Dollar Index affected the Standard and Poor, but once you have adjusted for autocorrelation there is no statistically signficant relationship.

So what does this exercise tell us?  The Standard and Poor and gold have a small but signficant impact on Bitcoin.  The Dollar Index has no impact.  And even if you see a correlation between two assets, it can disappear in the blink of an eye.  In terms of forecasting the Bitcoin price, you might as well use astrology, and I am confident that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunct on December 21 2020  will propel Bitcoin to new, six-figure highs in the years to come.


Prince George: an unlikely King

Prince GeorgeYou’re not supposed to comment on the horoscopes of children, certainly not in a negative way.  However if that child is being brought up to be the King of the United Kingdom, then it may be appropriate to look at the horoscope in a critical manner.  Of course being King isn’t what it used to be.  The position doesn’t have much power, and over the next century the position may be further eroded, or even abolished.

The child in question is seven-year old Prince George, who is third in line to the throne, after his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William.  George is unlikely to be King for a very long time.  According to UK life tables Prince William is expected to live for another 42 years.  However, William’s paternal grandparents are both in their 90s, and we can therefore give him at least another 50 years.  This means that Prince George will be in his 60s or even 70s when he becomes King, so does it really matter?

It probably doesn’t, but I can’t help thinking that George doesn’t have the right horoscope to be King.  His is at the top of this article, and is set for July 22 2013 at 4.24 pm, in Paddington, London.

The first point to make about the chart is that it is massively Watery.  Five of the seven traditional places are in Water signs: the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio.  There is also a Scorpio Ascendant.  The other two traditional planets are in Earth signs: the Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo.  This means that there are no traditional planets in the positive elements of Fire and Air.  In other words he’s all Yin and no Yang.  A sensor and reflector of everything happening around him.

The Sun in Cancer is particularly interesting.  If George had been born 32 minutes later, the Sun would have gone into Leo, and the sensitivity and negativity of his horoscope would be far less pronounced.  But it does seem that the British royal family has found it difficult to avoid the sign Cancer.  The last King to be a Cancerian was Edward VIII, born on June 23 1894.  He allowed his emotions to over-rule duty and common sense, and his insistence on marrying Wallis Simpson led to his abdication, after less than eleven months in the job.

Then came Princess Diana, a Cancerian born on July 1 1961.  She re-infected the royal family with the Cancer star sign.  Her first son William was born on June 21 1982 at 9.03 pm.  Like George, he is only just a Cancer – if he had been born at 6.23 pm or earlier he would have been a Gemini.  So Prince George is a third generation Cancerian, and in him the properties of the sign are highly  concentrated – after all, he doesn’t just have the Sun in Cancer, but also Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

Such concentration is likely to bring great subjectivity, and it may be difficult for George to look at the world objectively.  He is likely to see things in terms of his own personal perspective on the world. This is probably not a good trait for a British King, whose job is to advice, encourage and warn.  He is supposed to put feelings to one side, and George, with so much Water in his chart, may find this impossible to do.

Matters aren’t helped by the fact that George was born just before a Full Moon, the Moon in Capricorn being opposition the Sun in Cancer.  This suggests a certain moodiness, swinging from one extreme to another relatively quickly.  This tendency will  get stronger as he grows older, and it can be experienced as a rapid alternation between the warmth of the Cancer Sun and the self-interest of the Moon in Capricorn.  However it manifests, it won’t sit easily with his public profile.

Yet there is one sign of kingship.  At the time of George’s birth Venus was at 0 degrees 8 minutes Virgo – in other words exactly conjunct Regulus, the royal star.  This might simply signify a royal birth – something moves onto Regulus, and out pops a royal baby.  Though in terms of personality and destiny it is strange that it is Venus that is on Regulus.  Venus, after all, is a female planet.  It may hint at another person in his life.  For example, he might marry a woman who is very keen for him to be King.  Or more plausibly, it may indicate that he  removes himself from the succession, in favour of his sister Charlotte.

I think this is the best scenario.  Prince George’s horoscope indicates that he is not cut out to be either King or heir apparent.  And when he realizes what being King really means, he probably won’t  want the stress and responsibility.  So ideally in his late teens or early 20s he’ll be supported in his decision to stand down and make way for his sister.

The Pit and the Pendulum.

The summer is over.  Back to reality.  If you’re American, you might be able to drag summer on for another week, until Labor Day on September 7.  For many of us it is a poignant time of year.  In the Northern Hemisphere  the summer is burning itself out, and thoughts turn to death and ageing.  Maybe from an evolutionary perspective we thing back to our agricultural roots.  The summer brings the possibility of famine, as stockpiles run low in the run up to the harvest.  The ageing comes from the new school year.  We’ve moved on another year, and some of us have disappeared.

In terms of astrology, at the beginning of the week Jupiter and Saturn are at their maximum separation.  It is like thinking the situation is getting better, when we see the pendulum swing to its maximum distance from our neck.  But gravity will force it back, and the blade will move down a millimeter closer to our jugular.  This means that all of us have to start battening down.  Things aren’t going to get better, and you don’t need astrology to work that out.  Nonetheless, astrology gives us a symbolic language for making sense of the situation.

The big event of the week is a Full Moon, on Wednesday September 2, at 1.22 am Eastern Standard Time.  Here’s the chart of the Full Moon, set for Washington DC:

September 2 2002 Full Moon

The chart has a number of interesting features.  Venus, at 25 36 Cancer, is oppostion Saturn at 25 degrees 55 Capricorn.  This opposition in turn makes a 45/135 degree aspect to the Full Moon, at 10 12 Pisces.  The Venus-Saturn aspect has a number of dimensions.  Venus is the planet of beauty, fashion, women and love.  It is a time when women in general are going to feel pressurized, particularly if they are in the public eye.  So actresses and female politicians may not have much fun in early September.  It is also a bad time for making decisions about beauty and decor, and it is particularly important that cosmetic procedures be avoided.

Venus is also the planet of money, and with Venus aspecting Saturn, at the time of a Full Moon, there will be a growing realization that money is a big problem – on both a personal and national level. I know things are already bad on a financial level, but they are going to get worse, and the Venus-Saturn aspect helps symbolize the deterioration.  So to reiterate the message, be careful with money and DON’T BUY ANYTHING UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  This applies even if you’re rich – you could end up buying expensive garbage.

Talking about rich people, here is Donald Trump’s horoscope:

Trump horoscope

Have a look at Donald’s Venus.  It is at 25 degrees 44 minutes Cancer, conjunct Saturn at 23 degrees 49 minutes Cancer.  This tells us that he is someone that has difficult relationships, and that at times he can be disrespectful towards women.  On Tuesday September 2 Venus is conjunct his Venus, and Saturn is making an opposition to it.  And it is all given added power by the Full Moon.

We might therefore expect Donald to have Venus-Saturn experiences around the time of the Full Moon.  Some of which may never become public.  He may have problems with women and he may behave badly towards them.  He will be particularly vulnerable to revelations about past behavior, relating to women, money or both.  If Donald has behaved sleazily in the past, his sleaze might bubble to the surface.  Put another way, if anyone has got any revelation to make about Trump, now is the perfect time to bring it out into the open – it would cause maximum damage.

Venus is also ruler of Trump’s Taurus Midheaven.  The Venus-Saturn aspect is likely to undermine his leadership, and create a new hurdle to his re-election.  We can also see this in the Full Moon chart set for Washington DC.  There is an applying conjunction between the Moon and Neptune, on the Midheaven.  Confused leadership, confused progress – not helped by the fact that COVID-19 is far from beaten.